Sports activity training and resources for staff and families working with disabled people

Sense’s course provided a new perspective and different ideas on how to better include participants with disabilities to meet their needs.

James, activity leader

Sense has a range of training, resources and support available to help families and those in Social Care and Education support and deliver opportunities which are accessible for people with complex disabilities.

In-person and online training

Workshop – coming 2025

A sketch of someone in a wheelchair holding a tennis racquet

A workshop for those supporting people with complex disabilities, covering:

  • Why physical activity is important for people with complex disabilities
  • How to support someone to be active within everyday life
  • Activity ideas that support staff can facilitate for people they support

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Sensory sport

Sketch of someone smiling holding up their arms

2.5-hour workshops covering how to plan and deliver traditional sports to people with complex disabilities, ensuring they are meaningful, appropriate, and work towards participants’ desired outcomes.

  • Sports include Football, Tennis, Rounders, Badminton and Snooker
  • Accompanying resources and ongoing support also available

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Sensory walks

Sketch of a route with purple arrows indicating the direction

A 2-hour workshop covering how to plan accessible walks for people with complex disabilities, with top tips on how to lead an engaging walk which uses the senses to create a sensory experience.

  • Accompanying resource and ongoing support also available

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Further support

Community of Practice

Paintbrush marks of three connected people

Regular meetings bringing together those who support people with complex disabilities. An opportunity to discuss challenges and share best practice when keeping people active, as well as hearing from expert guest-speakers.

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Peer-to-peer mentoring

Sense Active can match you with other health, social care and education-based colleagues supporting people with complex disabilities, allowing you to meet virtually or in-person to share guidance and ideas around keeping people active – as often as suits you.

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Supporting people to be active

Guidance on how to ensure the people you support remain active, and can experience all the benefits of sport and physical activity.

Activity-specific guidance

Tools to help you deliver specific activities, ensuring they are suitable for people with complex disabilities.