Sense Hub Loughborough opens, offering specialist support and activities to disabled people in the East Midlands

  • The new Hub is based on the same site as ‘Sense College Loughborough’, with the premises redeveloped to create a thriving community space for people with complex disabilities, and their families, to meet, learn and try new things.
  • The national disability charity Sense has secured more than half a million pounds in investment from trusts and foundations to create ‘Sense Hub Loughborough’, and believe it will help promote more inclusive communities and tackle isolation and loneliness in the region
  • According to the latest research, one in two (51 per cent) disabled people in the region experience chronic loneliness, and more than a third (34 per cent) say have nowhere in the community they can go to meet people and make friends
A smiling young boy next to his mother, who is smiling at him and wearing a red hoodie
Alfie and his mother, Karla, at Sense Hub Loughborough

18 May 2023 – The East Midlands will benefit from the opening of ‘Sense Hub Loughborough’, a major community centre in Loughborough delivering specialist support and services to people with complex disabilities and their families.

‘Sense Hub Loughborough’ is based on the same site as ‘Sense College Loughborough’, a specialist service that helps young disabled people, aged 16 to 25, develop their independent living skills. The national disability charity, Sense, took over the college in 2020, and have now redeveloped the site, so that it can support more people.

The expansion turns the site into a thriving community hub where disabled people, of all ages, can meet, take part in activities and become more independent. The charity hopes it will help reduce levels of isolation and loneliness which is disproportionately high amongst disabled people in the region.

According to research* by Sense, one in two (51 per cent) disabled people in the East Midlands experience chronic loneliness (feeling lonely often or always), with more than a third (34 per cent) stating they have nowhere in their community they can go to meet people and make friends.

The redevelopment of the site, which includes building works, refurbishment and specialist equipment, was funded by more than half a million pounds of investment from trusts and foundations**, including the Garfield Weston Foundation and Pears Foundation.

Sense Chief Executive, Richard Kramer, said:

“Sense Hub Loughborough is such an exciting initiative because, in addition to being a service that offers specialist support to people with complex disabilities, it will create a thriving community space, where disabled people and their families meet, try new things and learn together in an environment designed around their needs.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the trusts, foundations and individuals who’ve given generously to help us open the doors and make the Loughborough Hub a reality.

If you think you could benefit from our support, or indeed if you’d like to know more about how your support could make a difference to disabled people and families living in the region, we want to hear from you.”

Sense Hub Loughborough runs the following services:

  • Specialist support for children and young people – Free play sessions for children aged 0-8 with complex needs, and their families, to help them connect, communicate and develop. Specialist support is also for children and young people aged up to 25 years old who are deafblind or have multi-sensory impairment.
  • ‘Get out there’ group – For children and young people ages 5 to 17 who are deafblind or have complex disabilities, including autism. Sessions run every Saturday morning, with lots of activities on offer, including arts and crafts, sensory play and gaming.
  • Arts & wellbeing – Inclusive and accessible sessions, supporting disabled individuals and groups to be creative and active, taking part in a variety of activities from drawing to dance, music to massage.
  • Sports & physical activity – Empowering people with complex disabilities to lead active and healthy lives. There are sessions specifically for children, young people, adults and over 50’s, and include activities like sensory football and tennis, yoga, boxing, boccia and sensory walks.
  • College – For students aged 16-25 with a wide range of disabilities, specialist support helps develop independence, by building experience, knowledge and confidence. From getting more involved in the local community to getting a paid job, Sense College helps students set their own goals and reach them.
  • Employment – Supporting people with complex disabilities to get a job, from preparing CVs to finding accessible equipment to help with the role.

Sense Hub Loughborough is now open. For more information visit:

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Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 0203 833 0611