Delays to the public Covid inquiry will anger disabled people

31 January 2022 – The national disability charity, Sense, has said that speculation the public inquiry into Covid is being deprioritised and delayed by Government will anger disabled people.

The charity has said it is unacceptable and called on the Government to urgently clarify the situation.

It follows comments from the former head of the civil service, Sir Bob Kerslake, who said: “I am concerned if the inquiry is going to be delayed.” The Institute for Government has warned that it is now “very hard to see how the inquiry can begin until the end of May or June, based on previous inquiries such as Grenfell”.

Over 40,000 people have already signed Sense’s petition calling for disabled people to be heard at the public inquiry. They want to see a key section included that investigates the impact of the pandemic on disabled people, with members of the disabled community invited to contribute evidence.

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Richard Kramer, Sense Chief Executive, said:

“Speculation the public inquiry is being deprioritised and delayed will anger the families of Covid victims and disabled people across the country.

“The decisions and policies that have led to such a disastrous outcome for disabled people and other groups must be investigated, and quickly.

“Further delays are unacceptable. This is far too important to be moved to the bottom of the Government’s to-do list.”

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