• Homemade pampering face mask

    Pamper yourself with this homemade face mask, made using kitchen ingredients, for an indulgent home spa experience. Plus, it smells absolutely delicious!

  • Have fun using natural dyes to colour eggs

    Celebrate spring with this natural sensory craft. Explore the different options of natural dye plants, the smells and textures, and enjoy your pretty eggs at the end.

  • Learn to make monoprint art

    Get artsy with this printing workshop which explores the themes of being bold and curious. 

  • How to make a home foot spa

    In our Sense Residential services, our foot spas are popular ways to relax and unwind.

  • Homemade edible slime

    This slime has a fun texture, and is completely edible! Have fun exploring the ingredients and experimenting with different flavours and smells.

  • How to make hanging egg carton flowers

    If you have some old paper egg cartons lying around, this is a fun crafting activity where you can make hanging flower decorations that can be hung around the home to add a splash of colour wherever you like!

  • Bath bombs

    A fun super sensory activity! Smells wonderful and combines lots of lovely crumbly and cool textures.

  • How to do nature weaving

    All you need to take part in this fun nature activity are leaves, grasses and sticks and some string. You can try nature weaving in your own space, or outside, maybe while having a picnic or a walk! Afterwards, hang your creation in your garden or in a window.

  • Making Sounds at Home: Tube guitar

    Try this simple, effective activity to make your own instrument using simple household items, which you can play and twang after! This guide is…

  • Hanging clay herb ornaments

    This sensory craft uses natural textures and air-drying clay to create beautiful hanging ornaments that will last for years, and can also be used to make small bowls.