• Messy play

    Messy play is exactly what it sounds like: letting children play by creating a great big mess. 

  • Sensory stories

    Sensory stories are all about bringing a story to life using your senses. 

  • Inclusive dance session

    Get your body moving with this active, inclusive dance workshop that can be done standing up, or while seated, and is suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities.

  • Make music with Body Synth

    Use your webcam to turn your body movements into sound in this weird and wonderful music session, which uses on-screen visuals to generate amazing interactive noises using Google's Body Synth engine.

  • Sensory movements – Calming flow

    Use these lovely, soothing movements to help calm down your body and your mind in this seated yoga-inspired routine, which finishes with a relaxing breathing exercise.

  • Sensory movements – Warming up

    A safe, gentle routine that can help you warm up your whole body and loosen any tight muscles.

  • Sensory movements – Upper body

    Stretch and mobilise your head, neck, shoulders and arms in this gentle seated upper body sensory routine.

  • Inclusive seated dance

    A seated contemporary dance workshop, that features fun, gentle exercises and easy movements, designed to be accessible for people of all abilities.

  • Making Sense song workshop

    Explore all the senses with this fun song workshop that features singing, dancing and lots of friendly faces.

  • Inclusive relaxation and music session

    Gently drift away with this inclusive relaxation session which explores how it feels to be held through sound, self-touch and a lovely guided meditation.