Meet the team

Discover the people behind Sense.

Working at Sense can be incredibly rewarding; we offer the opportunity to work in a large, diverse and successful charity where you can develop your skills, knowledge and career in a supportive and flexible environment.

Our team come to us with all kinds of skills and from all kinds of backgrounds – some have experience in our field, and others come from completely unrelated areas. Search our latest career opportunities

We also have volunteering opportunities if you're looking to gain further skills, knowledge or give something back to the community. Find out more about volunteering at Sense.


Meet the Sense team

To get a feel for Sense and our team, read stories from people who work in a range of different roles. 

Community and supported living services
Sense College
Sense shops
Arts, Sport and Wellbeing

Community and supported living services

Errol, Registered Care Manager

"After being made redundant, I was looking for a career change. I'd heard about Sense through a friend but was never particularly interested. Health and social care didn’t really seem like my thing as I didn’t have a lot of experience. Soon I gave into my friend and decided to become a Support Worker.

"That was over 10 years ago. Now, I'm a Registered Care Manager for one of our residential services. The road that brought me here was long and winding but filled with so many highlights.

"Watching the people we support grow alongside the staff has filled me with so much joy. The most important thing that I've learned though is that nothing is impossible."

Man standing against a wall with yellow pattered wallpaper with his arms crossed.

Megan, Support Worker

"Starting my role at Sense is something I've never regretted. I was lucky enough to do some work experience at a Sense College and, not only was it incredibly fun, but it changed the way I viewed health and social care.

"In July 2017, I applied to work at Sense full time and the difference it has made to me has been amazing. My confidence has grown just by simply meeting the people we support and their families.

"Supporting people during the pandemic has been difficult but, with the safety measures that we put in place, the people we support maintain an active social life.

"Everyone that I work with is so lovely and warm that it has really made me feel at home and excited for what the future has to offer!"

Woman standing outside a Sense service holding a piece of paper with the Sense logo.

Martyn, Deputy Community Manager

"When I finish work, I go home feeling amazing because I supported someone to spend their day smiling. Never before had that been a career goal of mine but, the feeling is so addictive.

"Being deaf gave me an insight to how I could support people better and becoming a Communicator Guide was the first step in my journey through this amazing organisation. Having an incredible mentor, like Diane Caldwell, inspired me to constantly find new ways of supporting people and so I set up the Di Cardwell Friendship group in her honour.

"Having worked my way up to Deputy Manager is something I'm incredibly proud of and hope that in this new position, I can use my enthusiasm to change the lives of more and more people."

Male support worker kneeling next to man Sense supports, who is in a wheelchair

Sense College

Arindam, Education Support Worker

"Sense was my first professional opportunity after I relocated to UK from a different country. A banker for 20 years, I’d never experienced so much love, so much compassion and so much positivity before. I'd never thought I could make so much of difference in someone’s life.

"Sense as an organisation believes in creating opportunities. In the last two years Sense has given me opportunities to become whatever I want to become. My stint at Sense College has given me an opportunity to develop beyond my core teaching role. Within the College, I also play critical roles as an Art Coordinator and as a Wellbeing Lead.

"I’m able to use my academic qualifications, my managerial skills, my passion for art and my desire to serve people to make a difference."

Man sitting at a table smiling. Artwork surrounds him on the table.


Helen, PR Officer

"Applying for my role at Sense was a huge step for me as I was in definite need of a change in my professional life. I'd been working as a journalist or in PR agencies for some time and while it was enjoyable, I really wanted to see what it would be like working for one organisation in the charity sector.

"Despite having started at Sense in 2019, I've had the opportunity to be a part of some really amazing projects such as arranging comments for national newspapers and TV interviews.

"Sense is such a positive and supportive organisation and I’m proud to work for a charity which does such amazing work to help people with complex disabilities."

A young woman standing against a white wall smiling at the camera.

Arts, Sports and Wellbeing

Sunney, Arts and Wellbeing Manager

"Having spent a big portion of my working life in the arts and culture sector, I knew that there was a lack of inclusive and accessible creative opportunities for many people. Soon I heard of Sense TouchBase Pears and the plan for it to be a centre for inclusive arts. This was an exciting prospect, but I knew I'd need experience working with people with disabilities, and so I applied to work at Sense Residential Services.

"This role changed my whole perspective on communication and engagement with people, and I was able to carve a route with the Arts, Sports and Wellbeing team to use my arts experience.

"I've always been passionate about working in the arts and social care sector; I can see how I'm impacting people in a positive way, and nothing can beat that feeling!"

Headshot of Sunney Sharma

Sense shops

Rowena, Shop Manager

"When I started volunteering with Sense back in 2014, I didn’t think it would lead me to where I am today. When I went into the Sense shop it felt like another world. It was big and busy, with really friendly staff, and I knew that this is where I'd like to spend my time.

"As a Store Manager now, I get lots of people of all ages and backgrounds coming in asking about volunteering. What's lovely is that each person gets something unique. People come out of school for the experience and others just come for the social aspect and to make friends. There's something for everyone.

"My main goal is to recreate the atmosphere that enticed me to join in the first place, and if that doesn’t encourage people to volunteer, then the constant supply of tea just might!"