• Make music with Body Synth

    Use your webcam to turn your body movements into sound in this weird and wonderful music session, which uses on-screen visuals to generate amazing interactive noises using Google's Body Synth engine.

  • Making Sense song workshop

    Explore all the senses with this fun song workshop that features singing, dancing and lots of friendly faces.

  • Inclusive relaxation and music session

    Gently drift away with this inclusive relaxation session which explores how it feels to be held through sound, self-touch and a lovely guided meditation.

  • Disco dancing time

    It’s disco time! Put on your favourite music and moving your body to the beat with this fun sound-based activity, which can be modified to include dance challenges or learning a routine.

  • Making sounds at home workshop

    Learn how to make fun sounds and interesting noises by using a cardboard box of simple household items in this inclusive, sensory activity.

  • Build a xylophone in your garden

    Make music in your garden with a homemade instrument by building your own xylophone using jars and rocks! 

  • Making Sounds at Home: Umbrella sounds 2

    Another sensory activity where you can explore making sounds at home with an umbrella.  

  • Making Sounds at Home: Umbrella sounds 1

    A great sensory activity that explores the sounds and sensations of falling rain at home!

  • Make your own sound bath

    In this relaxing guide, Chris Richardson shows us how to make your very own immersive sound bath using objects from around the home, from hairbrushes to cereal boxes

  • Outside In music performance

    Enjoy three lovely songs from musicians Sam Fox and Ricardo Rocha as they sing and play the harp, the guitar, the ukulele and the accordion.