Say Hello to Annie video with audio description”


Meet Annie. Annie uses gestures to communicate.

Throughout this film we see Annie playing on a mat with musical instruments, making gestures and moving around in the way we hear described.

For people she knows she says hello by smiles and that whole body rocking movement, getting quite excited, ‘I know who that it is, I know what to expect from that person.’

You know Annie likes something by the way that she will look at it. She will move away, she will come back.

Lots of this sideways head movement is a sign that ‘I’m actually quite happy, I’m quite relaxed, I do quite like it, but I will come back to it in my own time.’

If she really dislikes something, it’s a definite throw it away, push it away and she doesn’t have that process of going backwards and forwards.

If people were to see Annie out, the best way to say hello to her is to get down to her eye level and to wave and to have a nice friendly smiley face.

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