Frequent questions about virtual buddying

Got a question? Abi talks to buddies and volunteers every day. On this page, she answered some of the most common questions.

Don’t worry if your answer isn’t here – just get in touch.

Who can take part in Sense Virtual Buddying?

Sense Virtual Buddying is for anyone aged 5 and over with a disability

Can I access Sense Virtual Buddying if I don’t access any other Sense service?

Yes you can! Sense Virtual Buddying is available for anyone with a disability, and it doesn’t matter if you use any of our services already.

Can my sibling/family come on sessions with me?

Unfortunately virtual buddy sessions are most successful when it’s a chat between two people, so we’d prefer other people not to join the call, unless they are supporting any communication needs.

Alice, Abi and Deanne from the buddying team

How long will it take to find me a buddy?

We always take our time to make sure you are matched with the right person, so this is a really difficult question to answer! We might have someone straight away, or it might take us longer. But we will keep you up to date with progress.

How long does the project last?

You can be on this project for however long you find it useful. We expect buddies to have a catch-up once a week, but you decide when is most convenient, as long as you communicate that clearly with your buddy and the team!

Does Sense Virtual Buddying cost anything?

Sense Virtual Buddying is completely free.

How do you decide who my volunteer buddy will be?

Volunteers apply all the time, and we make sure we have a good understanding of their interests, their personality and their skills. Then we compare these to what you’ve told us about yourself. We’re really proud of all our matches that have been successful.

What happens on sessions with my buddy?

Entirely up to you. You can talk about the weather, learn guitar, have a coffee, play games or anything else you two can think of. We can suggest activities if you need help with ideas.

How can I access Sense Virtual Buddying if I don’t have a laptop/phone/tablet/wifi?

Sense can provide the equipment you need, including data allowances for those without wifi. Do get in touch if you’d like more information.

Are there opportunities to meet other people on the project?

Yes. We do hold group sessions, where we get lots of people together on a call. Pandemic permitting, we also arrange in person group meet ups, if possible.

What is special about the project?

Sense Virtual Buddying is the only free nationwide service dedicated exclusively to helping disabled people make friends online.

When the pandemic started, we realised that many people with disabilities were stuck indoors, unable to meet new people – and so, Sense Virtual Buddying was born. 

Even as restrictions on movement have changed, there’s still been a huge demand for the service, because it fits in really well with everyone’s busy lives. And who doesn’t like a new friend?

How do I sign up?!

Just click here to sign up to Sense Virtual Buddying!

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