Managing benefits for someone else

You can apply for the right to manage a person’s benefits if they are unable to look after their own finances because of the nature of their disability.

The most common situation that leads to a person managing benefits for someone else is when a family member or a friend acts as an appointee.

An appointee is a person who has been chosen by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) or local authority to receive welfare benefits on behalf of someone.

Becoming an appointee

You should make a written request to the DWP to become an appointee. You will then be interviewed, and the DWP will take you through some questions, which includes a list of your responsibilities.

Your responsibilities as an appointee

You will be responsible for making and maintaining any benefit claims, collecting payments and managing the money. You are also responsible for reporting any changes in a person’s circumstances or condition.

Did you know?

When a person has capacity to manage their own benefits, but would like someone else to do it on their behalf, they can authorise this by granting Power of Attorney.

More information

For detailed information about managing benefits for another person, we recommend visiting Gov.UK.

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