Say Hello to Libby video with audio description


Meet Libby. Libby uses PECS to communicate.

Hello, my name is Jenny and this is Libby and I am Libby’s Intervenor and that means I help with Libby’s communication.

Jenny starts the conversation by showing Libby her communication picture book and signing the question: you tell everyone what you like to do.

We see Libby smiling and nodding and shaking her head as Jenny turns the pages and points at different pictures. Jenny puts her thumbs up to confirm she has understood Libby’s answer.

Libby likes going to the shops, to the chemist and buying bath cream and smellies.

Jenny shows Libby some more pictures.

…and shampoo.

So if you see Libby and I out shopping don’t be afraid to say hello to Libby because she would really like that.

As she says hello Jenny does an exaggerated wave.

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