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Sense Centre Aldeby
Unit 18, Office Block
Aldeby Business Park
Common Rd
Suffolk, NR34 0BL

Phone: 01502 679 916

About Sense Centre Aldeby

Sense Centre Aldeby is a specialist education and day service for young people and adults with dual or single sensory impairments, complex needs or/ with additional learning and physical disabilities.

The centre opened in July 2015 and is located near the market town of Beccles in a specially adapted building. 

We provide specialised and person-centred learning programmes to develop learners’ skills and confidence in a friendly, supportive and stimulating environment.

Facilities and equipment

Sense Centre Aldeby has a reception area, office, kitchen and three classrooms including:

  • A sensory room with a variety of specialist equipment including acheeva bed, heated water bed, large beanbags and floor mats, bubble tubes, fibre optics, projector and overhead tracking for hoists.
  • A multi-purpose exercise and activity room with a mobile tilt and height-adjustable large interactive touch-screen and overhead tracking for hoists.
  • A quiet chill room.
  • We also have accessible toilets and two hygiene suites with overhead tracking for hoists.
  • A large kitchen/enterprise room.
  • A large sensory room with specialist equipment and over hear hoists.
  • At the rear of the centre is the sensory garden and outside space. 
  • A wide variety of specialist education and therapeutic equipment including various types of switches, a mobile hoist, ICT equipment, musical instruments, and sensory resources.
  • Facilities in the local community and access to a hydrotherapy pool.

Woman in a wheelchair sitting next to her support worker. There's craft items on the table in front of them.


Sense Centre Aldeby offers a wide range of education activities and each learner has an individual programme with progress and achievements regularly reviewed and celebrated. The centre’s timetable and sessions are planned and delivered by qualified education staff supported by learning support assistants. We work hard to develop and support effective communication, and literacy and numeracy are embedded across all sessions in an education placement. For learners accessing an everyday living programme there is ongoing support to maintain skills and develop social interactions. 

The centre offers a range of formal accredited ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) courses and qualifications and well as RARPA (recording and recognising process and achievement).


A wide range of activities are offered as part of an individual learning programme. Activities are often planned to reflect a topic or theme and annual cultural events. Activities include:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Sensory cooking
  • Gardening
  • Sensory stories
  • Art and craft
  • Multi-sensory therapies and activities
  • ICT
  • Music

Meet the team

Rachel, Support Worker, Sense Centre Aldeby

"My role as a support worker is to assist the students with their individual needs. It’s very hard for me to choose the one thing I enjoy the most at work, as we have a fun range of activities like cooking, gardening, art and crafts, rebound and sensory activities. I love being a Support Worker because seeing the learners enjoy their time at the centre, watching them achieve amazing things on a day-to-day basis and knowing I've played a part in their progress makes me happy."

Denise, Education Support Worker, Sense Centre Aldeby

"What I enjoy most about my job is being able to work with the rest of the education team to really engage with learners who find it difficult to focus on activities. I enjoy it when the learners are smiling, engaging and really enjoying their time with us,  making magnificent achievements in the activities that we all take for granted."