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Sense College

What is Sense College?

Sense College is both an education service and adult social care day.

Sense College’s independent specalist college provides personalised learning experiences for young people with complex disabilities. It gives learners the education and skills needed to reach their living, education and employment goals. The Sense College education service runs for 38 weeks a year.

The adult social care day service at Sense College operates 45 weeks a year and lets people with complex disabilities to access a range of activities and opportunities.

Where is Sense College located?

There are eight centres in the East of England, East Midlands and West Midlands. Find out more about our locations

What are the term dates for Sense College?

Download documents below to find out the term dates for Sense College.

Which services does Sense College offer?

Sense College education and day provisions both offer a range of services through person centre planned activities, such as ongoing support with independent life skills through realistic and practical activities that relate to individual's wellbeing, health and care plans.

People being supported at Sense College will have access to a wide range of social, leisure and sporting events within the local community, and will be supported to become more confident in social situations.

What precautions COVID-19 precautions have Sense College put in place?

Sense College have developed whole college COVID-19 Risk Assessment to reassure staff and families of our work. Read our COVID-19 statement.

Sense College education service

Who is Sense College's education service for?

Sense College education provisions supports young people who are aged between 16 and 25 years old who have sensory impairments and/or moderate-complex learning difficulties. We also support young people who require specialist communication support, need positive behavioural support and/or have Asperger syndrome and Autistic spectrum conditions. Sense College learners must have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

What is the curriculum at Sense College’s education service?

Learners at Sense College will have the opportunity to follow a personalised study programme through three curriculum pathways: Learning for Life, Foundation Learning or Employability

Sense College day services 

Who are Sense College day services for?

At Sense College day services supports people aged 18 years and over who require specialist communication support and may have sensory impairments, moderate-complex learning difficulties, or autism. Sense College day services also support people who may have a combination of challenges, including physical disabilities, and people who require positive behavioural support.

What type of activities does Sense College day services offer?

People being supported at Sense College day services will be able to choose from a personalised schedule of activities. There’s a wide range of options, including arts and crafts, cookery, dance and drama, life skills, gardening, rebound therapy, music, sensory rooms sessions, swimming and hydrotherapy.

How can I access and fund Sense College day services?

There’s lots of ways that you can access Sense College day services. A referral can be made by health and social care professionals, including social workers, transition workers and GPs. Alternatively you, your family or friend can make a referral directly.

Sense College day centre services can be funded by adult social care budgets, NHS continuing healthcare, or through personal care budgets, including direct payments.

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