Learning for Life

A development programme for young people with complex needs which focuses on communication and wellbeing.

Learning for Life pathway at Sense College

Young man sitting down whilst man in Judo uniform touches his handsThis Sense College pathway is a person-centred learning and development programme for young people with complex needs working at the pre-entry level.

During the programme your communication and sensory skills will be developed, and you'll learn to take care of your physical and emotional wellbeing. Learners will also be encouraged to form friendships and participate in local communities.

Technology is focused on in the Learning for Life pathway, and you'll gain the confidence to use a variety of different pieces of technology. Overall, you'll develop greater independence and will be prepared for life after Sense College.

Learning for Life curriculum areas

Communication Young woman sitting in front of her female support worker, who is shaking a maracca

Learning at Sense College takes place in a total communication environment supported by specialist staff.  You'll develop your skills to express yourself and make decisions in a range of everyday situations.

Communication is developed through a specially selected timetable that will offer you motivating and meaningful interaction opportunities. As a learner you'll have an individual communication assessment and plan to support you in connecting with others and exercising greater control and independence to live, learn and thrive.

Sensory and physical

Learners have access to multi sensory impairment (MSI) qualified staff as well as a full sensory curriculum. This means that sensory assessment findings can be embedded into your programme, to meet your specific learning and development needs.


Sense College learning programmes take a holistic approach to develop spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical wellbeing. You'll have access to your own personal support plans and, where required, positive behaviour support. Learners are encouraged to think positively about themselves, and you'll develop your own lifelong strategies to support you in your future.

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