Sense Centres

Our Sense Centres provide day services so that you can develop your communication and living skills and connect with other people.

At our Sense Centres, we take a different approach to providing day opportunities.

You will enjoy a fantastic range of activities designed to stimulate and challenge you.

You will have your own personal care and support plan and will be helped to choose how to spend your days. Our skilled specialist staff will work closely with you to develop your independent living and life skills. You can learn, get creative and express yourself through all sorts of activities, including arts and crafts, sport and exercise, trips, technology and work experience.

We are communication experts. We will take time to understand your way of communicating, be it through speech, sign, symbols, objects of reference, gestures or body language. Our pioneering total communication approach will support you to express what matters to you – your needs, goals and aspirations. Then we will make sure these are clearly understood by everyone.

Together, we will create your own person-centred programme, including individual and group work, and a mix of activities based at the centre and out in the community.

We are not just a service, but we are in the heart of the local community and we organise trips out from our Sense Centres. That might include to the swimming pool, visiting parks and going shopping.  We run a number of social enterprise schemes in our Sense Centres that offer opportunities for you to develop more skills and empower you to live the life you choose.

Our special sensory approach in everything we do means that you can develop your confidence, be as independent as possible and make the most of every opportunity.

You will also have the opportunity to meet others, make friends and connections, and gain a sense of belonging. We focus on your abilities and what you can offer, where you can have fun and achieve the things you want. You will have a voice in how the service is run.

We celebrate success so others can see what is possible.

All our Sense Centres have fully accessible toilets and changing rooms that meet Changing Places standards, with tracking hoist system or mobile hoist and adequate space for you and your staff.

We can deliver support on a regular basis on an occasional basis. Our staff team are creative and find solutions as you change and develop your aspirations.

We have our own Sense Quality Framework to make sure that we support you in the best possible way and our Sense Outcomes Framework means we can show the impact our support has on the areas of life that most affect you.

Sense Centres for children and families

We understand that families of young children who are deafblind or have complex disabilities face particular challenges, and some of our centres focus on children and families.

These Sense Family Centres offer additional support to you as a parent, as well as to your child.

There are groups of children and young people who are deafblind or have other complex sensory needs, and their families, who meet on a regular basis. These groups give families the opportunity to share experiences and ideas, to chat to members of our team, and for children and young people to have fun.

We also provide groups that are commissioned by local authorities, such as after school and holiday clubs.

Get in touch with us or your local authority to find out what is available in your local area.

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All our Sense Centres have specially designed facilities and equipment that enhance the learning experience.

These include adapted communication environments, fully equipped life skills kitchens, assistive learning technology, interactive sensory spaces, arts and crafts rooms, and sport and leisure facilities.

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Who are our centres for?

Sense Centres are for children and adults who have complex disabilities, including those who are deafblind.