Sense Wellbeing

Sense Wellbeing combines best practice from both arts and sports activities which contribute to the holistic wellbeing and quality of life for people with complex disabilities.

Our current Sense Wellbeing programme is most active at TouchBase Pears in Birmingham, our newly opened accessible community centre where we offer a range of massage, reflexology and other holistic therapies, including gong therapy.

As part of our overall mission to ensure that no one with complex disabilities is isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential, we want to increase both the activities we can offer and the number of places we can offer them across the country.

We believe in the importance of wellbeing in living a connected life and will continue to work with partners, such as the NHS, government and funders, to share and increase expertise, skills and robust research into the benefits of wellbeing for people with complex disabilities.

A smiling man holding two blue yoga balls
A smiling woman is sitting and being assisted by a man who is crossing her arms gently into a yoga position.

A mum's perspective

Odyssey attends Sense Yoga Sessions in London. Her mum explains the positive impact this has had on her daughter.

Odyssey has a history of finding new activities too challenging to undertake. She has however responded extremely well to the Yoga sessions. Richard is a kind and gentle facilitator and takes his lead from her supporters. The calm atmosphere and interest from others attending, clearly reassures her. Five years ago, no one would have believed she could achieve this degree of interaction. Who knows what she might achieve in the next five.

Odyssey's mum

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