Where we work

Meet our team, and find out more about where our programme is being delivered.

Our ‘Sense, Active Together’ project funded by Sport England, is currently being delivered across five regions of England including London, South East, East, North and the Midlands, with local experts coordinating activities in each region.

For individuals or organisations who would like to be active or partner with Sense Sport, please contact the relevant team member below.

Meet the Team

Alissa Ayling, Head of Sports & Physical Activity

Alissa is responsible for the growth and development of the Sense Sport & Physical Activity activity programme and team. This includes generating new initiatives, managing strategic partnerships, influencing the sport and health sector, and collaborating with key organisations to raise the profile of our work.

Contact Alissa

Email: alissa.ayling@sense.org.uk          
Mobile: 07813 437951

How I like to stay active

“I enjoy taking part in lots of different sports and activities, and am always keen to learn new skills.  I’ve played tennis since I was a child, and still enjoy competing for my local club and county.  Being active supports my overall wellbeing, and I love the social element too.  I’m passionate about making sure no-one is left out, and there are lifelong opportunities for the people we support to be active.”


Louis Wickett-Padgham, Sport & Physical Activity Development Manager

Joining Sense in November 2019, Louis is responsible for increasing sport and physical opportunities for people with complex disabilities nationally. His role largely includes managing the delivery of our ‘Sense, Active Together’ programme, workforce development, developing cross-sector partnerships, capturing insight and impact whilst raising the profile of Sense’s sports team.

Contact Louis

Email: louis.wickett-padgham@sense.org.uk
Mobile: 07970 668825

How I like to stay active

“Growing up I enjoyed played football, tennis and cricket on a weekly basis with a touch of long distance running when I had the time. As I’ve grown older, I now run to stay fit enough to play football! I also manage a football team for adults with a learning disability, so coaching certainly keeps me active. My professional aspirations will always be underpinned by improving the quality and quantity of sports opportunities available for those that are under-represented.”

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Callan Barber, Sport & Physical Activity Manager (Midlands)

Callan works closely with the Sense Residential, College and Day Services across the region, as well community members and other local organisations.  She's based at Sense TouchBase Pears - our pioneering multi-purpose centre in Birmingham. At Sense TouchBase Pears, and across the Midlands region, Sense delivers a range of sport and physical activity sessions for the whole community, ranging from cycling and yoga, to football and basketball.  

Contact Callan

Email: callan.barber@sense.org.uk 
Phone: 0121 415 2759  
Mobile: 07813 825 571

How I like to stay active

“In my spare time I love playing sport and going to the gym to keep fit. It’s so much more fun taking part with others- being part of a team has so many benefits mentally and socially. I'm also a huge fan of keeping active and healthy in the workplace, and will regularly work standing up, or take the stairs rather than the lift to the office. Through my work with Sense I've found that sport is not for everyone, but we can still support people to be a bit healthier by making small changes to their everyday lives.”

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Paul Downes, Sport & Physical Activity Coordinator (North)

Paul works closely with our Sense services in South and West Yorkshire areas (Rotherham and Leeds) as well as community members and other organisations across the North.

Across the North we offer a range of activities for people aged 12+ including football, table tennis, sensory circuits, ice skating and Pound (exercise with drumming to sensory lights and music).

Contact Paul

Email: paul.downes@sense.org.uk   
Mobile: 07970 339871

How I like to stay active

“I like running, swimming and cycling but probably do more running than anything as it’s easy to do. I also have a dog that needs lots of long walks in the countryside and the coast of North Yorkshire.”

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Chloe Brown – Sport & Physical Activity Coordinator (East)

Chloe works closely with our Sense services in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and South Lincolnshire areas as well as community members and other organisations in the area.

In the East we have people taking part in a range of sessions including adapted cycling, yoga, boxercise and more! 

Contact Chloe

Email: chloe.brown@sense.org.uk
Mobile: 07814 862775

How I like to stay active

“I love sports and social activities but also enjoy going for walks and fitness activities at home. When I get the chance I enjoy playing a bit of football with some friends. I try to walk where possible rather than getting in the car as it is an easy way to keep fit.”

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Katie Sawyer – Sport & Physical Activity Coordinator (London & South East)

Katie is responsible for the delivery of our Sport England project, working closely with our Sense services and community groups in London and Kent.

Contact Katie

Email: katie.sawyer@sense.org.uk 
Phone: 0300 330 9250
Mobile: 07500 706579

How I like to stay active

"I’ve always enjoyed being active, and advocate that sport and physical activity has so many mental and physical benefits. Most of my spare time during childhood was spent Irish Dancing and I currently play a fair bit of racket sports, in addition to making early morning visits to the gym. I’m looking forward to developing the physical activity opportunities across London and the South East, and encouraging others to keep active!"

Alice Miller, Sport & Physical Activity Coordinator (South West)

Alice joined Sense in March 2021 and will be working to extend our reach with the 'Sense, Active, Together' programme into the South West. She will be working to establish new partnerships across the region, setting up new activities and ultimately engaging more people with complex disabilities in sport and physical activity. She will be working closely with our Sense services in Bristol, Exeter, Glastonbury and Cornwall.

Contact Alice

Email: alice.miller@sense.org.uk
Telephone: 07813 014414

How I like to stay active

Sport has always been an important part of my life and I regularly took part in tennis, netball, hockey and badminton in my younger years. I currently enjoy playing tennis at my local club, doing yoga, going for walks and dabble in the occasional game of badminton. I also got involved in softball a few years ago which I'm no expert at but love the social interaction and teamwork that’s involved! Being active is so important to me for improving my physical and mental wellbeing and I'm passionate about encouraging others to get active and enjoy the many benefits it provides.

Headshot of Alice Miller

Jon Fearn, Sport and Outdoors Development Coordinator

Based at Touchbase Pears in the Midlands, John is responsible for co-ordinating a weekly activity programme for the Sense Residential and Day services in Birmingham.

Contact Jon

Email: Jon.Fearn@sense.org.uk 
Mobile: 07763 490186

How I like to stay active

Running the weekly activities here at Sense in the Midlands all helps me stay fit, healthy and active. From rambling to rock climbing and ice skating, as well as sailing, outdoor pursuits and wheelyboat activities, I enjoy a varied and active lifestyle. Outside of my work at Sense, I also enjoy walking my dog, swimming and yoga.

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