We work in collaboration with a range of partners at a local and national level to increase the number of inclusive sport and physical activity opportunities available to people with complex disabilities.

We are passionate about breaking down barriers to participation through inclusive and accessible opportunities for everyone. We work with over 200 national and local partners who support the delivery of our programme including; leisure providers, coaches and facilitators, schools, national sporting bodies, charity organisations, county sport partners, councils, health and social care teams.

Strategic partners

We work with our strategic partners to build long-term relationships with key influencers and decision makers across the sport, health and social care sectors. 

Sport England: We are proud to work in partnership with Sport England in creating and developing opportunities for people with complex disabilities to be active, and influencing change within the sport and social care sectors.

ukactive: We are proud to be a charity partner of ukactive, supporting the sector in providing accessible and inclusive sport sessions to people with complex disabilities and getting more people, more active, more often.

Delivery partners

Our delivery partners support us to establish and run weekly inclusive activities for people in Sense services and the wider community who have complex disabilities. We work with coaches, leisure providers and organisations who have experience in supporting people with complex disabilities in a sport and physical activity setting. Our coaches and facilitators build trusting relationships with participants, and focus on engagement and enjoyment within sessions – giving people the time and space to take part in a way that is meaningful to them.

Enabling partners

Our enabling partners help connect us to local community members who may benefit from attending our activities, and include; active partnerships, local charities, care homes, councils and health professionals. They do this through regular communications, local events and networks or community meetings.



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