We're currently developing a range of different resources to help make your activities more inclusive.

Making Sense of Dance

A wheelchair user sitting in the middle of a group of people dancing.Sense Arts pioneers arts activities for people with complex disabilities and who are deafblind.
A Sense Arts dance class. A man is guiding a woman's arm, so both their arms are touching and in the air.

In 2015 we held a week-long dance residency with dancers from Studio Wayne McGregor and staff and individuals from Sense at Sense TouchBase South East in Barnet. Together we developed Making Sense of Dance, a toolkit and video resource, designed to support more people to enjoy and engage in dance.

This free toolkit will help you generate new ideas and equip you with ideas for creative activities which can be adapted and developed to suit people of all abilities.

Making Sense of Music

A man and two women support two young people to make sounds using a bucket
A girl in a studio space making bubbles over a large plastic container under blue light

Music is a Vibration (MIAV) was a collaboration between Sense, artists Justin Wiggan and Tom Peel and a group of young people with complex disabilities and their support staff. The project ran from October 2017 to October 2018 at the Sense TouchBase Pears centre in Birmingham.

The Music Is A Vibration toolkit offers a range of unique activities to help you discover more about sound and the senses. It is aimed at anyone who wants to make their music activities more inclusive, especially for people with complex disabilities.