Our Approach

Our values are inspired by the people we support. We create a more equal platform where everyone has the time and space to take part, in whatever way they want to.

Our approach is inclusive, genuine, non-tokenistic, experimental, collaborative and person-centred.

We promote equality of access and opportunity, champion the best in inclusive arts practice and strive to create genuinely empowering experiences that change people’s lives.

The difference our approach makes

People have the opportunity to collaborate and learn with professional artists without having to navigate unapproachable venues or be intimidated by social or behavioural norms.

Everyone is treated as equal creative beings. Everyone’s contribution is celebrated. Together, we challenge ourselves by questioning what art is, how it’s performed, understood, valued and who it’s for.

Our approach is firmly rooted in reflective practice, we observe and reflect on experiences. We use this knowledge to plan further creative explorations for everyone we support.

Line drawing of woman sitting down         Line drawing of two women facing each other. Their arms are spread out and their hands are touching               Line drawing of a woman sitting down  

Breathes out, touches nose and smiles

Sense art-maker