Sensational Tea Party games

Your Sensational Tea Party should be an event for all the senses. Challenge your guests to put their smell, touch and taste to the test!

Try out one of our party games and give your event that sensory twist!

Guess the number of sweets in the jar – by touch

We’ve pick-and-mixed the familiar candy counting game to try something new. Instead of guessing the number of sweets by sight, your guests must use the power of touch. There are two ways to play:

  1. Heavyweight champs

    That’s right, your guests will have to make their predictions based on the weight of the sweet-filled container.
  2. Hands on

    For this game, you’ll want to use sweets with wrappers. You’ll be asking your guests to dip a hand into the sweet container and feel their way to victory.

You’ll need:

  • A big-enough container – one which isn’t see-through.
  • A blindfold, for extra protection against peeks and cheats.
  • Plenty of little sweets or chocolates!
  • One record sheet for you to keep track of the predictions.


  1. Choose your sweetie.
  2. Fill up your non-transparent container.
  3. For £2, let your guests feel the weight of just one sweet, and then the weight of the full container.
    Allow your blindfolded guests to dip their hand into the container for just three seconds and make their predictions.
  4. Write down their guess next to their name and call up the next contender!
  5. Bonus: Give your guests the option to pay £2 to have another go!

The great biscuit taste test!

Think you know your luxury brand bakes from you biccy basics? It’s time to put your tastebuds to the test! This game requires blindfolded participants to try and identity original products, off-brand varieties and homemade bakes!

You’ll need:

  • A blindfold for your guests to wear while they’re taste-testing.
  • A mix of cakes, biscuits, crisps or crackers from different shops and brands.
  • A score sheet for you to record guests review and guesses.


Let’s use cookies as an example.

  1. Get together a section of two or more cookies, each from different brands. The biscuits should be similar enough that guests can’t instantly tell which biscuit is which.
    Your selection might include:
    A popular brand, like Maryland cookies, vs a supermarket own.
    A luxury chocolate cookie vs a home-baked batch.
  2. Ask blindfolded guests to try a bite of each. Which do they prefer? Which do they think is the luxury, the homemade, the basic and the brand?
  3. Record their predictions on a sheet of paper.
  4. Bonus: Give your guests the option to pay £2 to have another go!