Answering your questions

About your event

What shall I do to make my event a sensory success?

When you sign up, we’ll send you a fundraising pack full of mad and marvellous ideas to help you add that sensory twist. You’ll get tastebud-tingling recipes and game ideas, as well as the equipment you need to get your guests set up and ready to play.

We’ll also email you to keep you stocked up on competition ideas and tips for making the most of your party. Sign up now to get things started.

Do I have to make all the cakes for my tea party?

Of course not, it’s enough just to be a host! No one needs to compete for the title of star baker, so shop-bought treats are more than okay.

If cakes aren’t your thing at all, why not try sophisticated sandwiches and other savoury treats?

How can I spread the word?

When you sign up, we’ll send you a fundraising pack which includes your very own promotional poster. All you need to do is add the when and the where.
Then stick it up somewhere for your friends, colleagues and community to see.

Shout about it on social media too! This is a great way to let everyone know what’s coming.

Use the hashtag #SensationalTeaParty so that we can like, share and celebrate with you!

I have a personal connection with the work that Sense does, how can I share my story?

Thank you for raising money for a cause that means something to you, we’re delighted to have your support.

Telling guests about your connection with Sense is a great idea. Use social media to share your story or share your experience during the tea party – it would be great to swap stories with your guests.

We’d like to hear your story too. Reach out via [email protected] or tag us in your social media using #SensationalTeaParty.

Can I host more than one event?

Of course! We won’t stand in your way. You might want to throw one party at home with your friends, and then repeat the fun with your colleagues at work. If you want to share the responsibility of hosting, ask everyone to bring something along – you can’t have too much cake.

Sign up now.

How can I promote Sense at my event?

When you sign up, we’ll send you a fundraising pack that includes a promotional poster, donation box and sensory game set. All of these items will show your guests that your event is for Sense.

Want to pull out all of the stops? Our brand colours are purple and orange – can you get your party decorations to match?

You can also share our stories with your guests. An easy way to do this on the day would be to cut out pages from the fundraising booklet. Add these printed stories to your party table and encourage your guests to read about the work that Sense does.

About your donations

How much money should I raise?

There’s no set amount – just do what you can. We’ve found that most tea parties raise around £150 each.

How do I send the money I raise to Sense?

JustGiving is the easiest way to send money. Set up your page there.

You can also send the money you’ve raised to us via our website. Make a one-off payment using our form.

Alternatively, you can call us on the phone: 0300 330 9257. Our friendly supporter services team will be able to take your payment by credit or debit card.