Opportunities for schools

Sense assemblies are an amazing way to get pupils and staff thinking deeply about communication and accessibility. We support our audiences to better understand what life is like for disabled people, from the challenges to the achievements, and the part we all play in creating a world where no one is left out of life.

Our regional teams can visit and deliver a short presentation and demonstrate an introduction to BSL and the opportunity to sign up for Sense Sign School, and join your teacher Mr Tyrese for online lessons.

An illustration of all the Sense Sign School teachers

Sense Sign School – Join a school like no other

Every sign you learn will help you chat with Deaf people like Mr Tyrese. By taking away some of the barriers that make communication hard for some people, you’ll be helping to make the world better for everyone, so no one ever has to feel left out.

You’ll learn from the teachers in our team, Mr Tyrese, Miss Maria, Miss Leila, Mr Fernando, Miss Teegan and Mr George. We’ll teach you signs for topics such as, feelings, weather, family, hobbies, food, animals and jobs.

BSL is also a really great life skill to have, and I’ll make it fun too!

“My daughter Arabella is picking it all up so quickly. She can use over 30 signs now. It only takes her a few days to learn them.”

Alex, mum of two

How does it work?

Get in touch with the Community Team at Sense to access our Sense Sign School digital hub. Receive 12 lessons on various subjects with supporting videos, which can be shared with teachers and students at your school.

In return for signing up to Sense Sign School, we’d ask for a donation to Sense. This could be a one-off donation or planned fundraising activities throughout the year.

Our Community Team will be on hand to support you with ideas and activities throughout the curriculum year. Some of the already popular fundraising activities within schools include – sensory sport sessions and wear orange for Sense days. Why not try an activity at your school!

Learning BSL rocks with Sense Sign School!

Learning a new language is a great way to sharpen the mind!
Sign language helps you engage more senses, like touch and sight.
Finding it easy to talk to you could mean the world to a deaf person like me.

Here’s what you can look forward to in Sense Sign School:

  • A new teacher will help you learn a new topic, like animals or hobbies.

  • Go online to learn more, anytime you like.

  • Your gift will help people with disabilities like Mr Tyrese live the way they want to.

Everyone’s a winner! There won’t even be any tests!

Our talks

Our talks explore the different ways people can communicate, the technology that makes the world accessible and the work Sense does to support people.

We’ve got loads of great resources for you to keep in the classroom after our visit, so your pupils can continue to learn. You can also sign up to Sense Sign School and get everyone practicing British Sign Language! However you want to work with Sense, we’ve got the tools to make it a brilliant experience year after year.

Mr Tyrese's hand waving as part of Sense Sign School

No need to raise your hand!

If you’ve got any questions or would like to fundraise and sign up for Sense Sign School, get in touch with the Community Team via email at [email protected] or call us on 0300 330 9257.