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How does it work?

Each month, we’ll send you a text before we take your donation - you can always skip a month if you want, you’re always in complete control.

  • Each month we will take a £3 donation from your mobile phone bill or your pay-as-you-go credit
  • You can choose to skip a donation by texting SKIP, but if you're happy to give then you don't need to do anything
  • You can stop your donations at any time by texting STOP to 70111
  • We'll include all this info in the text you get once you set up your gift
  • By signing up to this service you agree that we may contact you in the future about Sense's campaigns and activities
  • Sense receives 100 per cent of each £3 donation

See full Terms and conditions.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our Supporter Services team on 0300 330 9257 (9am - 5.30pm Monday - Thursday and until 5pm on Friday) or email

Make your donations worth more, for FREE!

Gift Aid logo

With Gift Aid, every £1 you donate to Sense is worth £1.25. As long as you pay Income Tax and / or Capital Gains Tax in the UK, that extra 25 per cent comes to Sense from the taxman. For example, under the Gift Aid scheme, over a year,  your monthly gift would be worth an additional £9 pounds.

All you have to do is complete a Gift Aid declaration online - it's simple and won't take a minute.

First published: Wednesday 6 May 2015
Updated: Tuesday 26 May 2015