How to add a press release

The Communications and Public Awareness Team, have a Media page on the Sense website, which links to Press releases and Our spokespeople pages.

This how-to guide will take you through a step by step process of setting up a press release.

1: Select ‘pages’ from the list in the navigation on the left of your screen:

A picture of a WordPress navigation list, with a purple boarder around the word pages.

2. When the ‘pages’ list displays, locate the search box and find a past press release then click on the title of the press release in the list.

A screenshot of a WordPress listing page with purple boarders around a search box and a page title

3. Once the page loads you’ll see the content in the page. Up in the top right you’ll see three dots, click to reveal the pop-out menu, then select copy all content.

A screen shot of a WordPress page with a purple boundary around three dots and the words 'copy all content'

4. Click on the big ‘W’ in the top left of the WordPress screen to return to the screen you saw in step 1. Again, select ‘pages’ then click ‘add new’.

A screenshot of a WordPress page with a purple boarder around an 'add new' button.

4. You’ll be presented with a new page where you can paste your copied content. Click in the white space below, ‘add title’, either right click and paste or use ctrl and v. You will see your content appear.

5. Replace all the copy you pasted with your new press release content.

6. On the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see some options, scroll down until you find ‘parent page’, use the search box to find ‘press releases’. This is so the page is connected to the correct part of the site architecture.

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the ‘slug’ and ‘meta description’ boxes. Add an abstract of the press release into the text box. As a suggestion, use part of the opening paragraph. You’ll notice an amber line appear under the text box, this line will turn green when an appropriate amount of text is used. It also means your description will not get cut short when show in a search result.

For the slug, use a few key words from the meta description. Here is an example.

8.1 To add an image to the page, hover your curser just below where you want the image to be until you see the plus sign appear, click the plus sign and you’ll be able to select image from the options.

8.2 Click the blue upload button, select the image you’d like to upload to WordPress. Please ensure that the image is saved as a JPEG and saved for web. Get in touch with the Digital Engagement Team, who will help you with image sizing.

8.3 Once you’ve uploaded the image, make sure you have the image selected and look to the right of your screen and find the ‘Alt text’ box and add a description of the image.

8.4 Click off the image and continue to scroll down the page to find ‘card image’ and select the same image from the image library.

9. Once you’ve completed all the steps, scroll to the top of the page, click blue publish button and your press release is ready. When the page is saved, a pop-up will appear at the bottom of the page, inviting you to view the page.

Adding your story to the press release page

1. Follow step 1 in the previous section and find the press releases page by using the search. Then click on the link to go to the press releases page.

2. When you arrive on the press releases page, click anywhere in the lilac space and scroll till you find the ‘add card’ button.

3. Select ‘auto-populate’ and find the press release you want.

4. You can also add a custom card if your story does not appear in the list. Click ‘custom card’ and follow the steps.

5. If you want to reorder the stories, hover over the listing until you see your cursor turn into a cross tool, hold down your left mouse key to drag the story to the appropriate position.

6. Lastly, click the blue update button at the top right of your screen to finish up.