Where your donation goes

Sense provides tailored support, advice and information as well as services to deafblind people, their families, carers and the professionals who work with them. Your donation is vital in ensuring that we can continue to provide this full-time, long-term support.

A young deafblind girl being guided by a support worker on a bouncy castleRead about some of the children you support and here are just some of the ways your kind gifts are used:


The teachers and support workers at Sense community resource centres use equipment to help with a deafblind child’s development. Through our toy libraries, families can test toys and equipment before making often costly purchases.

£7.50 could pay for a toy to help a deafblind child explore new sensations.

Sense holidays for deafblind people

We offer a range of stimulating, fun and friendly holidays for children, adults and older people. These give people the chance to enjoy new experiences, make friends and grow in confidence. They also give families and carers a much-needed break.

£15 could pay for a child to take part in a pottery class on a Sense holiday.

Information and advice

The first point of contact for many families, our Information and Advice team provide guidance on all issues relating to deafblindness.Legal advice and casework is also available from Sense.

£35 could help us to stay in touch with a deafblind family so we can help them to find out what they need to know.

Sense family days

Sense family days provide fun activities for the whole family. These special days out give a deafblind child a greater understanding of the world around them, expanding their horizons and providing new experiences.

£50 could help pay for one deafblind child and their family to attend a Sense family day.

Sense Children’s Specialist Services

Our Children's team help when a child is first diagnosed, with assessment and advice to help children learn and develop. They give extra support at times of crisis and change.

£170 could pay for a visit from a Sense Children and Family Support Worker.

Sense holistic assessments

Sometimes families of deafblind and multi-sensory impaired children struggle to understand just how much their child can see and hear. A holistic assessment like those carried out by the Children’s Specialist Services team, help families to see what their child can do and how they can be supported to develop further.*

£1,123 could pay for a holistic assessment for a deafblind child.

First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Wednesday 2 August 2017