Volunteering at a Sense family day

Leila Touak at the Linden Lodge School eventby Leila Touak

My name is Leila Touak. I am deafblind. I woke up at 7am and was very happy but I wait for Tara arrive but she did not come as she hurt her thumb, so Gemma phoned my mum about it and booked a taxi and Natasha met me instead. I was very happy to meet Natasha.

I  volunteer a Sense family day. I went to Linden Lodge School by Taxi with Natasha. Natasha come to my house at 9am. I went on Sat 28th Feb. I arrive there and have meet there.

Gemma talk about help with the children who will help. there was 10 family with the children and 12 volunteers. The Children was very nice and friendly. I help girl name is Jessica. I help with her a sound music. I talk to Ruth and she was very nice. I feel very happy and have nice day.

At 12.30pm it was Lunch time. I talk to Jessica mum Flo and her dad as well. After Lunch I help Jessica again and we went to music room but it was dark and the light have different colours. I talk to Rachel I was very happy. I meet Nic and Martyn but Martyn look different really. I talk to Anya and Hayley.

At 3.30pm the family and children went home and volunteers had a debriefing meeting again with Gemma. we did have nice day and I was very happy. I have tea and some biscuits. Then me, Natasha and Martyn walk back to Southfield Station and get the train. I did sleep on the train and arrive to Barking Station and get the bus on 5 and walk home. I said bye bye to Natasha see you soon, I arrive home at 6pm.

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First published: Thursday 12 March 2015
Updated: Tuesday 1 December 2015