Volunteering in the Barking shop

My name is Leila Touak. I am deafblind.

Leila Touak standing outside the Sense Barking shopI am a volunteer for Sense.

I was really interested in doing voluntary work at Sense charity shop in Barking. It is near my house. Eleanor from the Volunteering Team asked the manager at the shop, if it is ok if I can come to visit and have a meeting about Volunteering. I met with the managers, they are called Pat and Dalia. I looked around and I felt very happy to volunteer there.

I started volunteering at Barking Sense shop in September 2014. I like to help to tidy the clothes, books, DVDs, toys and many other things. I put the things on the shelf. I help with the carrier bags and I help to put the hangers, DVDs, toys, calendars, clothes and many things in the store room and in the right place in the shop. I meet some other volunteers when I am there. I talk to them. They are very nice and friendly.

Pat and Dalia are very nice and friendly. I go to Volunteer work in Barking sense shop sometime on Tuesdays and Fridays. I go there with my Sense Support Workers.

I really like to volunteer work in the Barking Sense Shop and I am really very happy. I enjoy it and I am looking forward to next time.

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Volunteer in a Sense shop


First published: Tuesday 19 May 2015
Updated: Tuesday 1 December 2015