Visual and tactile art

Painting of a train going over a bridgeVisual and tactile art is at the heart of the work we do to support people to express themselves, share group stories and challenge the barriers to access they experience.

In all of our different services, people engage with visual and tactile art. Artists work in a variety of art forms, including painting, sculpture, textiles, and sensory photography.



Clay bowls on a table

If you have a vision impairment, accessing visual art can be complicated. So, at Sense we challenge the different ways you can make art, and experience it as an audience. This means many of the works that artists create are multi-sensory and participatory.

Touch is at the heart of the creative process, and many of the exhibitions we host are ‘hands-on’.



Visual and tactile arts projects

Texttile - a 10 week project aimed at breaking down isolation and connecting local people over the age of 55 in Islington who have sight and hearing loss. 

Quilt Tales - a textiles arts project for over 55s, aimed at breaking down and connecting local people over the age of 55 in Hounslow who have sight and hearing loss.

Don’t miss out on our Material Memories exhibition!

Free accessible activities for older people with sight and hearing impairments

The Social Prescribing Group at Ashley Court

Making Art, Making Sense exhibition

The Great Sense Pompom Challenge

With art, some of it you like and some you don't - Sense's Nottinghamshire Forum visits an exhibition at the arts centre at Nottingham University



First published: Wednesday 5 March 2014
Updated: Tuesday 27 September 2016