Tastes Sensational

Support Sense by indulging your culinary flair in a fun, social setting by hosting a Tastes Sensational evening.

How does it work?

Two chefs

Anyone can host a Tastes Sensational dinner party for Sense - all you need are guests with healthy appetites and a love of food.

As host you simply select your theme for the evening, set the date and send out your invitations. 

Ask your friends to contribute towards your costs of preparing the meal (so there is no cost to yourself to host the party), and then ask them to make a donation to Sense in the specially provided Tastes Sensational envelope.

All that’s then left to do is cook for your friends and enjoy a lovely meal together. Simon Rogan, Peter Bayless and Marcus Wareing are a few of the top celebrity chefs supporting the event with a recipe of the month.

We would love to see Sense supporters up and down the country holding events to raise the profile of the charity in a social setting like this, hopefully discussing some of the issues that affect deafblind people.

Edible entertainment

A salad with croutons

There is plenty of opportunity to get creative with Tastes Sensational by holding events around public holidays or regional events, and we at Sense are working on some inspired evenings with some of the nation’s top chefs.

If you are a Rotary or Women’s Institute member, a Scout leader or just meet up with friends on a weekly basis and feel like supporting us, why not turn your venue into a Tastes Sensational event, enlist a few friends and cook for the entire group?

You could hold a St George’s Day theme; a vegan dinner; Japanese sushi night; classic French cuisine or a traditional Sunday roast, whatever appeals to you and your friends.

Sign up to our mailing list to receive this month’s tasty treat from the top celebrity chefs supporting the event, including Simon Rogan, Peter Bayless and Marcus Wareing.  

How do I take part?

Contact the Community Fundraising team on 0300 330 9257 or email community.team@sense.org.uk for a starter pack or some more information.

First published: Monday 28 May 2012
Updated: Thursday 3 November 2016