Sumaiya's story

Sumaya on a climbing wallSumaiya is ten years old and she has very little sight and hearing.

She relies on non-verbal communication, like body movement and gestures, to express herself. Sumaiya is an extremely bubbly and full of energy and loves the outdoors and messy fun.

This year on her Sense holiday, Sumaiya decided to give rock climbing a try. Reaching the top for the first time put a big smile on her face and made her go back on the wall again and again.

For Sumaiya the holidays are all about trying things she wouldn’t normally have the chance to do without volunteer support.  She enjoyed visiting the aquarium, creating her own ice cream flavour, going on a tractor at the animal farm and playing in the water.

Getting to know the volunteers, particularly the young women in her group, and sharing new experiences with them, helped Sumaiya feel more confident about meeting new people and making friends.


First published: Wednesday 19 November 2014
Updated: Tuesday 1 December 2015