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Janice TilletJanice Tillett

Janice Tillett 43, lives in Northampton with her husband and eight year old daughter Mary-Elizabeth. She was born with a visual impairment which deteriorated and she then discovered she had a hearing impairment… Read Janice's story


One in five (22 per cent) said
more accessible transport
would help them to meet
up with friends more

Ian CaponIan Capon

Ian Capon, 52, lives on the Isle of Wight and was born with congenital rubella syndrome, which left him deaf and partially sighted. He is unable to work due to his health issues and relies on his voluntary work. Read Ian's story



Sue TurnerSue Turner

Sue Turner lives in Essex and has two adult sons who are deafblind. Ben, and Luke. Ben is deaf and partially sighted. Luke is deafblind and in a wheelchair. He also has scoliosis and quadriplegia. They both have learning disabilities. For people with complex disabilities friendship can be a greater challenge. Read Sue's story


Close up of Ian TreherneIan Treherne

Despite having limited vision since the age of 15, Ian has been working as a photographer but was forced to quit his job last year, when he was diagnosed with cataracts.  Ian says that transport and accessibility are the main barriers he faces.  Read Ian's story



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First published: Tuesday 17 February 2015
Updated: Monday 15 February 2016