Stephanie Beacham

Stephanie BeachamAcclaimed actress Stephanie Beacham has a very personal reason for supporting Sense. Not only is she herself partially deaf, but also her late father was deafblind.

That's why she became involved in launching Sense's older persons' campaign Fill in the Gaps, for which she attended the parliamentary launch in June 2006.

Stephanie's acting credits include Strictly Come Dancing, Bad Girls, The Colbys and Dynasty. She has also starred in many theatrical productions including a tour of Noël Coward's Hay Fever in 2007.

In 2010, Stephanie appeared on the ITV programme Loose Women and talked about deafblindness in older people.

In her autobiography, Many Lives, published in 2011, Stephanie praised Sense. She wrote:

"I have two charities I support with all my might. One is Sense and the other is Hearing Dogs For The Deaf.

"Sense supports deafblind people. One really important thing the charity does is assist people in communicating with their hearing impaired relatives.

"A tiny and sweet example might be to offer a deafblind person a cup of tea by taking their hand and writing the letter 'T' on it, and waiting for a response."

First published: Tuesday 22 May 2012
Updated: Friday 14 March 2014