Sight and hearing loss

There are many different reasons people can experience sight and hearing loss. Whatever the reason, it can have a big impact on someone's life.

Smiling deafblind woman being guided by a male support worker in London Underground

It is rare to be completely deaf and blind - most people do have some useful vision and / or hearing.

Sight and hearing loss can bring real challenges to everyday life, even if you can see or hear a little. It can affect your ability to communicate with other people, find the information you need and get out and about. With the right advice and support, life can be full. 

What are the causes?

People of all ages can have both sight and hearing loss. This could be something they were born with, or something that happened as a child or an adult  through a condition, illness, accident or as part of becoming older.

Sometimes someone starts off with sight loss and develops hearing loss, or vice-versa. Sometimes they both come at once. There are many causes.

Who we support

Sense calls itself a charity for 'deafblind people'. What we mean by this is that we support people with sight and hearing loss as well as their families and the professionals who support them.

This includes people with sensory impairment and additional disabilities or long term / complex health conditions which may be more significant in how they lives their lives and the support they need. It can include people who aren't able to process vision and hearing. Where Sense can help is supporting individuals around communication,  access to information and mobility.

We understand that not everybody with sensory impairments sees themselves as 'deafblind'. People refer to their sensory loss in many different ways.

We support a wide range of people and their families. We hope you will explore our information and the support available.

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First published: Monday 18 February 2013
Updated: Tuesday 24 May 2016