Shape your future!

On 28 February and 9 March 2015, Sense ran a series of two family events, called “Shape Your Future.” These events were designed to better understand the aspirations, interests and needs of young people as they move into adulthood.

A deafblind teenager in his wheelchair following instructions from his intervenorThe events brought together deafblind and single sensory impaired young people and their parents.

Shape Your Future” took place in two schools across London; the first at Linden Lodge, Wimbledon and the second at Whitefield Schools and Centre in Walthamstow. On both days, young people and their parents arrived ready to learn and fully immerse themselves in the activities. Time flew by. Young people enjoyed creative sessions from clay sculpture and Tibetan drumming, to painting with light and sound, whilst they communicated their likes and hopes for the future. Meanwhile, parents were given the opportunity to learn about the changes introduced by the Children and Families Act 2014 which have reformed the way children and young people with SEN or a disability are supported; this led into a debate around their hopes for future support.

“Shape Your Future” facilitated the beginning of many new friendships and strengthened old ones, giving everyone an opportunity to socialise and support one another whilst learning key information and enjoying the activities on offer.

Young deafblind people play music at the Shape Your Future eventFindings from the two events will be used to ensure future services are tailored to what young people and their parents want. The events will also give us a strong evidence base to use when lobbying Local Authorities and the Government, for better support for people at a local and national leave. By the end of both events, we had spoken to over 40 young people and over 20 parents. A resounding success.

We want to thank Linden Lodge School and Whitefield School for being wonderful hosts and partners, to our team of fantastic volunteers and to the families that contributed to the events.

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First published: Monday 7 July 2014
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015