Sense College - Centres

Sense College operates within six centres across the East Midlands and the East of England.

Specialist facilities and resources

Girl and support worker swimmingCollege facilities offer specifically designed multi-sensory environments that meet the particular needs of learners and enhance the learning experience so that they can grow in confidence and independence. In addition, learners can be supported for hydrotherapy, use of the jacuzzi and participate in arts and crafts.

All of the college sites have fully equipped multi-sensory rooms and sensory gardens to aid stimulation, mobility and relaxation. A wide range of assistive learning technology and resources are available to support the use of total communication with learners.

Each centre is managed by an Education Service Manager (ESM) and offers a wide range of sessions and activities, including accredited learning, with the education provision being delivered within the regulatory framework of Ofsted.

Learners are also supported to take part in all sorts of sporting and leisure activities in the community – from going swimming or cycling in the park or spending time with friends at a local coffee bar.

Where are we based?

Sense College is based in Aldeby, Cambridge, Dereham, Hampton, Keech and Rothwell.

Sense also operates a number adult social day care services through community resource centres.

First published: Monday 5 September 2016
Updated: Friday 6 January 2017