Sense Centre Streatley, Luton (Keech Resource Centre)

A deafblind man sitting playing a music keyboard

 Sense Centre Streatley, Luton (Keech Resource Centre is a service for young people aged 18+ with multiple sensory impairment and severe disabilities and part of Sense College.

It is located at quiet and secluded Keech Hospice Care for children, within easy access to the A6, opened in 2009.

Offering day care or Education for 19 young adults, it is a unique provision, and one of the first of its kind in the UK.

Facilities and equipment

Sense Centre Streatley offers students person-centred approach full of therapeutic and interactive activities to help simulate, relax and promote wellbeing and to develop everyday life skills to its students.

Equipment includes sensory lights, bubble tubes, switches, interactive infinity tunnel, fibre optic mat, solar panoramic rotator, UV lighting, a large interactive smart board and a resonance board, as well as vibrating vest and bean bags with speakers in to help promote music to everyone.

The grounds around Sense Centre Streatley provide orchards and allotments for students to grow and pick their own produce within the programme activities.

At KRC six rooms are utilised daily, such as the messy activities and quiet sensory rooms, while in the new development area the students have access to a large multi-purpose activity room as well as a relaxing / physiotherapy room.

Additionally, Sense Centre Streatley's resources include a dining room and kitchen area, with height-adjustable work surface areas, sensory room, and hydrotherapy area and outside space.


  • Sensory art
    Art sessions where the materials used - colours, smells, textures and sounds - all go towards making art sessions unique to individual students
  • Sensory cookery
    Making and baking are always hugely enjoyable at KRC, especially when the end product is edible!
  • Life skills
    Keech Resource Centre learners are supported to develop independent living skills this could be achieved by access local supermarkets to purchase ingredients for cooking sessions. Building independent social skills as well as encouraged to learn positive life skills such as household chores
  • Hydrotherapy
    Students can take full advantage of the onsite hydrotherapy suite. Plenty of opportunity for physiotherapy, swimming lessons and pool fun
  • Music therapy
    Specialised musician brings in her skills weekly to individual sessions
  • Information and communications technology
    With the new introduction of a height-adjustable interactive whiteboard, students of all abilities can access IT including the internet, cause and effect interactive activities.  This broadens learning knowledge and understanding of areas that are of a particular interest to them as an induvial
  • Hand or foot massage and foot spa
    A relaxing activity that enables students to relax and feel comfortable in their surroundings
  • Therapeutic horticulture
    Learners have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of gardening including trips to gardening centres to pick up plants, planting them in our green houses, daily watering and herb picking etc. Our students can touch and smell the many varieties of aromatic herbs and flowering plants we grow from seed and cuttings
  • Horse riding
    KRC has been using the services of RDA Bromham and Willington for several years and the students who can ride thoroughly enjoy the activity
  • Community
    Our learners access many areas of the local community. From simple shopping, bowling, museum trips, ice skating, and cinema, as well working in conjunction with other community groups, involved in disabled sports, recycling, animal care and music

At Sense Centre Streatley we recognise our learners’ achievements however big or small they are. We organise yearly activities such as visiting specialist, sports day, visiting theatre groups and music groups as well as an award ceremony when every students as well as member of staff is presented with individualised achievement award.

At heart of our operations is dedicated staff that not only provides every day specialised sessions but also raise additional funds and awareness of people with special needs. In 2016 we took part in half marathon, we fundraised at car boot sales as well as stall within The Mall Shopping Centre in Luton and organised number of events involving parents/carers in order to raise additional funds.

Sense Centre Streatlety
Keech Hospice Care
Great Bramingham Lane

For further details please contact Jo or Lisa.
Tel: 01733 425 053

Alternatively, please contact the Centre's Deputy Education Service Manager, Karen Abrahams on 01582 497 869 or at

First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Tuesday 7 November 2017