Sense Centre Rothwell, Northamptonshire (Rothwell Resource Centre)

Rothwell Resource CentreSense Centre Rothwell, Northamptonshire (Rothwell Resource Centre) is part of Sense College and provides a bespoke package of stimulating, educational and therapeutic activities to increase skills, confidence and participation. It located in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Our approach

Personalisation is at the heart of everything we do.  We deliver positive outcomes for the people we support that include: enhancing wellbeing, building relationships, staying healthy, accessing new activities and being valuable members of their community.

We offer tailored packages of support for those wishing to continue with their education, or those looking to gain new skills, make friends and become active within society.
When starting at RRC, we will support you and your family with your Person Centred Plan. This helps us create the right timetable of activities just for you.


Our Education Programme offers a personalised timetable and supports your Education Health Care Plan. Our qualified Teachers and Education Team support you to expand your communication, support you into employment and help you gain skills for a more independent life. We also offer vocational and educational qualifications for example ASDAN, foundation skills in Maths and English (through an external provider), and BSL.

Arts session with paintHealth & Wellbeing

At RRC we work closely with the local NHS team for people with learning disabilities. Our staff are trained in helping you to be as healthy as possible, support you with your physiotherapy programme, increase your independence and ensure all of your health needs are met.

Some of our healthy sessions are:

  • Hydrotherapy including physiotherapy
  • Rebound therapy
  • Horse-riding
  • Expressive dance-ability
  • Movement & music
  • Sherborne
  • Sensory experiences in our sensory room
  • Animal therapy including rabbits & degus
  • Seasonal Sailability/accessible rock climbing

A boy and support worker sailingWe are extremely positive about your happiness and emotional wellbeing, trying our best to ensure a timetable of enjoyable and enriching activities, and always listening to what you tell us. We have chill out and relaxation sessions, a quiet area, and places to relax within the centre. We are also very proud of our Soundbath sessions, a multi-media immersive therapeutic session that enhances happiness and relaxation through the use of music, sounds and visual effects. 

Other sessions include:

  • Dance therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • TacPac
  • Stomp!


We offer a 'total communication' approach, and are trained to help even those with high levels of need expand both their expressive and receptive communication skills. Some approaches we use include Sign supported English, BSL, PECS and Objects of Reference. We offer a person-centred service and we are able to support you in your chosen communication style.

A boy with a rabbitLife skills

We are passionate about increasing the independence of all our learners, and run various sessions to teach and consolidate everyday living and work skills.

These include:

  • Individually chosen work placements and job coaching
  • Travel training (accessing local buses and trains)
  • Life skills days – shopping for ingredients and preparing a meal
  • Gardening
  • On-site student enterprises including running and maintaining a tuck shop, sandwich making and garden crafts

Community engagement

We encourage learners to be active members of the local community. We regularly volunteer for a local food bank, coffee morning for the elderly, and a mums & tots group. We are always looking for new ways of contributing to local causes.

A boy receiving a birthday cakeOur facilities

We have a wide range of specialist equipment which includes a multi-sensory room, information and communications technology such as an interactive white board and computers, musical instruments, art materials and fully adapted and accessible care suites.

The courtyard is frequently transformed - we put up bunting, bring out sofas and bean bags, and have barbecues. These events are fun, informal and a great opportunity for students to socialise. The students help with the upkeep of the garden, and on a sunny day they enjoy a cuppa and chat in the sunshine.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Contact us

Sense Centre Rothwell
Units 9 & 10 Rothwell Grange Court
Rothwell Road
NN16 8FB
Tel: 01536 711 363

For further details please contact Jo or Lisa.
Tel: 01733 425 053

Alternatively, please contact the Centre's Education Service Manager, Angel Fellini, on 01536 711 363 or at

First published: Monday 5 August 2013
Updated: Tuesday 7 November 2017