Sense Centre Peterborough (Hampton Resource Centre)

Hampton Resource CentreSense Centre Peterborough (Hampton Resource Centre) is part of Sense College and a day service for people with a dual and/or single sensory impairment with additional learning disabilities.

The centre is located at Cygnet Park, Hampton, three miles from the centre of Peterborough.

Facilities and equipment

The Centre is specifically designed to ensure the environment is multi-sensory, meeting the particular needs of deafblind learners.

Facilities at Sense Centre Peterborough include a sensory room with overhead hoist, a number of multi-functional classrooms including one with an overhead hoist, a hygiene suite, and a large multifunctional area used at break times and lunchtimes, woodwork and craft rooms. There are also a number of disabled toilets.


We offer a wide range of education activities, and each learner has an individual programme that may include:

  • Educational courses
  • Vocational activities
  • Work placements
  • Life skills programmes
  • Sensory awareness

The centre offers a range of formal accredited ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) courses and qualifications.


A 'total communication' approach is taken with the emphasis on the individual's preferred method of communication.  Professionally qualified education staff are supported by learning support assistants to deliver sessions.

We also employ the services of external specialists including a physiotherapist, pets as therapy practitioners, and a music teacher. We have excellent links with community based physiotherapists and speech and language therapists.

Sensory art

Art sessions which are unique to individual students and incorporate colours, smells, textures and sounds. Tactile art pieces are often produced with visually impaired and deafblind artists.

Creative crafts

A range of craft items are designed and made by deafblind people and sold at a local art exhibition centre. These items include bird boxes, stools, cushions, Christmas decorations and fabric pin boards.

Life skills

Life Skills session aim to develop the learner's independent skills. They usually run for the whole day, enabling group members to work at their own pace to create their own meal.

The sessions involve learners shopping in the local community for ingredients returning to the life skills kitchen to prepare their own meal. A range of specialist equipment is available .

Work skills

We aim to develop learners' understanding, knowledge and skills within their area of work. Depending on the individual's needs, we offer internal work placements in our own reception and offices. External placements may include office work, catering and stable management and maintenance. Learners attend sessions at the centre where they have opportunities to research different types of work and learn about the world of work.

We also run a number of social enterprise schemes both at the centre and in the local community and these include tuck box, sandwich & salad making and arts and craft products.


Sessions may involve visiting the local bus and train stations to look for and problem solve typical hazards, or focus on developing long cane use and recognition of tactile markers, landmarks and cues on a regular consistent route.

Keeping active

Sporting sessions include archery, rebound therapy using trampolines, swimming, wheelchair dancing and ice skating, football, balance and coordination, and bowling. They take place within the local community and are led either by our own staff or by external tutors.


A range of instruments and musical equipment is available including a Kaoss pad music effects unit and sound beam, which converts physical movements into sound. Music may be used as a medium to develop awareness of cause and effect and other early communication objectives, or in an artistic way with learners creating their own music.


We have a hydrotherapy pool and jacuzzi in Market Deeping at which we have allocated slots. Hydrotherapy offers a sense of freedom for those learners who have limited mobility, and a sensory environment where learners can relax and participate in elements of their physiotherapy programmes.

Contact us

Sense Centre Peterborough 
Ground Floor
50 Forder Way
Cygnet Park
Tel: 0300 330 9270

For further details please contact Jo or Lisa.
Tel: 01733 425 053

Alternatively please contact the Centre manager Jenny Wheatcroft, directly on 01733 425 075 or at

First published: Monday 5 August 2013
Updated: Tuesday 7 November 2017