Sense Centre Louth, Lincolnshire (Windsor Resource Centre)

Windsor Resource CentreSense Centre Louth, Lincolnshire (Windsor Resource Centre) is an education and day service for people with a dual or single sensory impairment with additional learning disabilities.

The centre is situated in the market town of Louth in the north of Lincolnshire.

Facilities and equipment

Sense Centre Louth is specifically designed to ensure the environment is multi-sensory, meeting the particular needs of deafblind people to enhance their learning and life experiences.

A girl drumming at Windsor Resource Centre

It includes a reception area, sensory room, therapy room, classroom, life skills room, craft room, common room and garden. The centre also utilises the local community and has access to rebound therapy (using trampolines) and hydrotherapy.

We have a variety of specialist equipment including a large interactive whiteboard, plasma screen, switches, an iPad, sensory equipment including lights, and mobile and overhead hoists.


Lilghts in the sensory room at Windsor Resource CentreA 'total communication' approach is taken, with the emphasis on the individuals preferred method of communication. This may include Sign Supported English, British Sign Language, deafblind manual alphabet, Braille and pre-language communication methods such as objects of reference and symbol-based communication systems.

Professionally qualified education staff plan the sessions, supported by learning support assistants.

Activities and programmes on offer are:

  • Sensory art sessions where the materials used incorporate colours, smells, textures and sounds and make art sessions unique to individual students
  • Sensory cooking and baking
  • Hydrotherapy and swimming - students can take full advantage of a local hydrotherapy pool. The warm water is beneficial and promotes relaxation, exercise and well being
  • Music therapy sessions based around the therapeutic affect of music
  • Information and communications technology - used throughout all sessions. An interactive whiteboard and plasma screen encourage active participation and cause and effect learning
  • Therapy room - relaxation, massage and exploration activities that enable students to relax and feel comfortable in or out of their chairs
  • Sensory room - using sensory equipment to encourage communication, mobility, cause and effect learning and intensive interaction with the staff member
  • Rebound therapy using a trampoline to encourage exercise, wellbeing and movement with qualified instructors
  • Community - shopping, bowling, museum trips, ice skating, cinema and walks, working in conjunction with other community groups
  • Horticulture - use of a large garden with access to polytunnel and work shed
  • Clay - the use of clay as a sensory experience and for making things.

Contact us

Sense Centre Louth
Windsor House
Windsor Road
Fairfield Industrial Estate
LN11 0LF
Tel: 01507 610 925

For further information please contact the Centre's Services Manager, Anita Kirkwood on 01507 610 925 or at

First published: Monday 5 August 2013
Updated: Tuesday 7 November 2017