Sense Centre, Bourne, Lincolnshire (Bourne Resource Centre)

A girl chopping vegetables at Bourne Resource CentreSense Centre Bourne, Lincolnshire (Bourne Resource Centre) offers education and a range of craft based sessions for people with sensory impairments and additional learning disabilities. It is situated in a quiet area approximately two miles from the centre of Bourne in South Lincolnshire.

The Centre offers learners therapeutic and interactive activities to help stimulate individuals and to promote wellbeing.

Facilities and equipment

  • Plant house and vegetable garden
  • Art room
  • Sensory room with a variety of specialist equipment
  • Multipurpose activity room
  • Fully equipped kitchen with height adjustable sink and work surfaces
  • Classrooms, including one with an interactive smartboard


Communication is the basis of all sessions. A 'total communication' approach is used, with the emphasis on individuals' preferred methods of communication. 

The Centre's timetable is delivered by qualified education staff supported by learning Support assistants. We also employ the services of external specialists, for example a physiotherapist and a holistic therapist.

Sensory art
Art sessions where the materials used - colours, smells, textures and sounds - all contribute to making art sessions unique to individual students

Life skills
Cooking is a popular activity at Sense Centre Bourne. Learners are supported to make a variety of interesting recipes, and also to access local supermarkets to purchase ingredients. This also encourages social skills. 

Hydrotherapy, jacuzzi and swimming
Learners have access to the Sense hydrotherapy pool and jacuzzi in Market Deeping, as well as the Centre's own swimming pool. This provides plenty of opportunities for physiotherapy and swimming lessons.

Sound bath
The term 'sound bath' means that you are bathed in sound waves. There are no clothes removed or water involved, you simply sit down and relax. A variety of interesting instruments of varying tones, volumes and sounds are played in turn, giving the learner a sense of being ‘bathed’ in sounds and vibrations.

Hand or foot massage and foot spa
This helps learners to relax and feel comfortable.

Therapeutic horticulture
Learners have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of gardening including plant appreciation, where individuals get the chance to touch and smell the many varieties of aromatic herbs and flowering plants we grow from seed and cuttings.

Many of our learners enjoy exploring this creative medium in which they are encouraged to make items to sell, often using their personal interests to facilitate a sense of ownership and achievement. 

This is another popular session in which learners manufacture timber items such as garden planters, which are sold.

Tai chi
Our learners enjoy this activity, which promotes well being and relaxation as well as movement and co-ordination skills.

Our learners access many areas of the local community, allowing them to experience shopping, bowling, recycling, visiting museums and going tobogganing.

Sense Centre Bourne is based within easy access to Stamford, Sleaford and Market Deeping.

Contact us

Sense Centre Bourne
Unit 1 South Fen Business Park
South Fen Road
PE10 0DN
Tel: 01778 422 132

For more information please contact Centre Manager Heather Powell at

First published: Wednesday 7 August 2013
Updated: Tuesday 7 November 2017