Sense Awards 2017

Smiling men and women holding certificates and awards

Paralympian and gold medallist Steve Bate with Sense Awards 2016 winners

The Sense Awards recognise the achievements of people within Sense and the wider deafblind community.

Every day there are people all across Sense who show amazing compassion, creativity and innovation.

The Sense Awards celebrates the remarkable determination shown by people who are deafblind, have sensory impairments or complex needs - and the dedication of Sense staff, volunteers, fundraisers, campaigners and partners in supporting them to live full and active lives.

Sense Awards Categories

Sense Person of the Year Award

Do you know a person who is deafblind, has sensory impairments and/or has complex needs who is excelling in a particular area?  Have they shown courage, passion or creativity? Perhaps they have seen success in campaigning, fundraising, awareness-raising or volunteering?

Sense Young Person of the Year Award

Do you know a person who is deafblind, has sensory impairments and/or complex needs under the age of 25 who has been particularly creative, overcome adversity with courage, or made a positive impact in their community?  Perhaps they have learned a new skill and used this to help themselves in their everyday life or to help others?

Sense Young Sibling of the Year Award

Do you know someone who has supported their sibling to do something amazing?  Have they created social or learning opportunities for their brother or sister? Do you know a child that has taken on extra responsibilities? Perhaps they have shown exceptional compassion or understanding for their age?

Sense Volunteer of the Year Award

Has a Sense volunteer that you know shown great dedication and support?  Have they developed new skills, shown commitment and exceeded expectations resulting in a positive impact on those they support? 

Sense Collaboration Award

The Collaboration Award is an opportunity to celebrate individuals and organisations that have contributed to our work. Perhaps an organisation has created opportunities for people through donating gifts in kind or raising awareness; working with us to promote a cause or strengthening the support that Sense has been able to offer.

Sense Fundraiser of the Year Award

Sense’s work would not be possible without the support from our fundraisers.  Do you know someone or a group of people who have dedicated their time to fundraising for Sense?  Has someone created an exciting event to engage people, or perhaps you know a team that have raised an impressive amount of money for our cause?

Sense Carer of the Year

Do you know a person or family member with caring responsibilities who is remarkable? Have they supported you, or someone you know, to do something new or exciting?

Sense Staff Award for Professional Excellence (nominations by Sense staff only)

Do you know someone who works at Sense that has gone above and beyond their role to achieve excellence? Has a person, team or project made a positive impact on the lives of people who are deafblind, have sensory impairments and/or complex needs?\

Juding Panel

Richard Kramer - Deputy Chief Executive (Chair)
Candice York - Quality Assurance Auditor
Carol Jamieson - Training Services Manager
Sheron Adlam - Area Manager, Trading
Emma Blackmore - Admin support, Woodside Family Centre

Sense Awards Nominations

Nominations are now closed for the 2017 Sense Awards. 

Sense Awards 2016 winners

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First published: Tuesday 24 May 2016
Updated: Tuesday 25 July 2017