Sense Awards 2014 winners

The 2014 Sense Awards took place on Monday 8 December at Islington Assembly Hall in London, with Dr Dawn Harper, star of Channel 4's hit series Embarrassing Bodies, presenting the awards!

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Here is the list of all of this year’s winners and runners up. Congratulations to everyone - 2014 has seen some outstanding achievements!

Young Deafblind Person of the Year 2014
Volunteer of the Year 2014
Best Use of Money
Carer of the Year 2014
Powerful Partnership
Deafblind Person of the Year 2014
Change Maker
Good Service
Sense Award for Creativity
Peggy Freeman Award for Exceptional Contribution to Sense


Social Prescribing Service, Ashley Court
Social Prescribing Service at Ashley Court is an arts based service for older deafblind people in Rotherham. The service is based on GPs prescribing activities rather than traditional medical interventions to improve people’s wellbeing and quality of life. Over 20 older people benefit from the scheme, with successes so apparent the scheme has been re-commissioned.

The runners up...

Stephen McCarthy & Gail Deuce, Knowledge
Stephen and Gail have produced a CHARGE information pack, which contains 28 in-depth factsheets about the many aspects of living with CHARGE Syndrome. The pack has had over 12,000 downloads since November 2013. Feedback has shown it to be a valuable resource to families and professionals alike.

Jo Jones, Sense Stables
Jo is the Manager at the Sense stables in Spalding, a specialist centre providing deafblind people with the opportunity to participate in all aspects of stable life. Jo’s work at the stables far exceeds her role, in particular working with fundraising and events departments to ensure the future of the stables.

38 Redgate Court staff team
The 38 Redgate Court accommodation service effectively and sensitively supported a deafblind individual to make a difficult and potentially distressing change. The teams demonstrated understanding, thoughtfulness and a commitment to making positive change in this person’s life.

Wonder Tanyanyiwa, Education Coordinator
Wonder is a practitioner who delivers engaging, exciting sessions to Deafblind Learners at Hampton Resource Centre. In a recent OFSTED inspection Wonder was graded Outstanding, and his work cited as ‘some of the best teaching’ the inspector has seen.

Young Deafblind Person of the Year 2014

Tyrese Dibba
Tyrese is a young boy who doesn’t let his disability get in the way of what he wants to do – he finds ways to make people with hearing understand him. An expert communicator he loves to teach others sign.

Quality Award

11 Station Road, Kings Norton
2014 has seen some challenges for this service. The team have pulled together and their commitment to providing a person centred service has never wavered.

The runners up...

53 Monks Dyke Road, Louth
The team at this service have embraced audit recommendations with positivity and enthusiasm. Their desire for continuously improvement is to be celebrated.

55 Shipdham Road,  Dereham
Shipdham Road is being recognised for overall good quality of their service. The team use novel practices such as peer supervision meetings to ensure they are sharing good practice and supporting one another.


Pauline Brown
Pauline has worked tirelessly to forge good working relationships with charities, organisations and families to build strong referral pathways. Her work ensures that deafblind individuals can access the right Sense services.

The runners up…

Rothwell Resource Centre team
The team at Rothwell Resource Centre, Sense College, have gone through a period of significant growth – almost doubling the numbers of learners - in a short space of time. Staff have up skilled and worked collaboratively to ensure their service maintains a high quality despite its growth.

Volunteer of the Year 2014

Terry Gilbert
Once a holidaymaker Terry now volunteers on Sense holidays, events and supports the East Anglia branch. He is always upbeat and cheerful; his positive outlook infectious. Whilst he gets involved in all aspects of volunteering on a holidays and events, he is particularly expert at minibus navigating. He is skilled in making others feel welcome; his presence often key to group bonding.

The runners up…

Cerwyn Jones
Cerwyn has volunteered in excess of 1,000 hours at the Sense stables – her work means deafblind people continue to enjoy riding.

PRISM volunteer team
PRISM is a music and social group in Birmingham. It is supported by a team of enthusiastic, committed volunteers who regularly give up their time on a Saturday morning to help.

Best Use of Money

Fleet and Insurance team
Through an innovative approach to Fleet management the team have made savings of approximately £500,000 per year.

The runners up…

Richard Williams
Richard Williams has managed to significantly reduce the cost of stationary throughout Sense. By negotiating rates with suppliers and he has introduced a system where all orders happen through one company, therefore we will be paying less in delivery charges. Savings on some products are as high as 40%! His work to get Sense the best deal - has resulted in significant savings in our offices.

HR Shared Services team
By implementing LEAN principles the HR Shared Services team have improved the experience of applicants when joining Sense, whilst reducing costs and saving staff time.

Carer of the Year 2014

Hadi Kaddeche
El hadi has formed a strong trusting relationship with his young stepson, who is profoundly deaf, autistic, partially sighted, with ADHD and severe behaviour problems. El hadi has helped his stepson to progress in many areas and to enjoy life, including taking him swimming which he loves.

The runners up…

Euan Plant
A loving other brother to Gethin, who is deafblind. Euan continually puts time and effort into making sure Gethin is happy, supported and achieving. Euan puts his experience and skills to good use further by volunteering at a local group for children with profound, multiple support needs.

Michelle Thompson
Michelle is a mother of Evie and Charlotte. Her love, care and strength for both daughters is outstanding. Evie is seven and deafblind. Her progress over the past year is testament to her mother’s tenacity and drive to find opportunities for her daughter.

Powerful Partnership

Huddersfield Marathon Band

The Huddersfield Marathon Band has raised over £100,000 for Sense - over the course of two London Marathons. They have achieved two Guinness World Records; A BBC Christmas Star Award; A JustGiving Award and an appearance on Surprise Surprise. They have helped promote Sense and our cause every step of the way.

The runners up…

Lostock Hall Academy
Lostock Hall Academy has supported the Sense holidays programme by lending – free of charge – their school minibuses for the last seven years. Their generosity saves the Holidays team approximately £5000 per year. This cost saving enables more deafblind people to go on holiday.

Snozone have chosen Sense as their charity partner for the next two years. They are committed to making indoor skiing more accessible and now ensure all their instructors are disability trained, while continuing to support and promote the work of Sense.

Deafblind Person of the Year 2014

Ian Huggett
Ian has overcome personal challenges to become an independent, active individual and a role model to others. He volunteers at PRISM music and social group and is a Touchbase Champion.

The runners up…

Marcus Innis
Marcus is a Sense ambassador. He volunteered to be the face of the Great Sense Pompom Challenge. His enthusiasm for the campaign and courage in sharing his story is to be celebrated.

Molly Watt
Molly is an advocate, campaigner and fundraiser for people with Usher Syndrome. Overcoming personal obstacles she has recently started university.

Change Maker

Jane and Chloe Ring
Jane is an inspirational parent; she believes there is no limit to what Chloe, her young deafblind daughter, can achieve. Jane is a champion for other parents and deafblind children. Her blog a powerful insight into the world of parenting a deafblind child; working to both raise awareness and be a source of online support to other families.

The runners up…

Arthur and Alma Fenwick
Mr and Mrs Fenwick are avid supporters of Sense. Not only parents, their deafblind child lives in a Sense home, they regularly undertake fundraising in their home town. Their donations and support of Sense over the years has had a huge impact on deafblind people, students and staff.

Sue Brown and the public policy team
Sue Brown and the public policy team have successfully influenced government decisions on several initiatives over the past few years. They involve deafblind people and families in their work – meaning deafblind people have the opportunity to be involved in campaigns that will influence their lives.

Good Service

Proctor and Gamble
A P&G team of over 70 employees descended on the Sense allotments in Barnet and over the course of one day achieved an amazing transformation of the allotment space, providing service users with a tremendous ‘sensory allotment area’ where they can relax and walk amongst the new plants.

The runners up…

Star Cars
Through small acts of goodwill Star Cars have gone the extra mile for a deafblind individual – their supportive and understanding service has enhanced the deafblind person’s confidence and therefore independence.

The Patient and Public Voice Team at NHS England
The PPV team show a passion to meaningfully engage with deafblind people in their work. They are committed to embedding this into the culture of NHS England.

Sense Award for Creativity

Hannah Ayres
For her work coordinating the national tour of the tapestry of Touch and in doing so promoting the work of Sense up and down the country.

Sense Arts Partnership Awards

The Families Team at the Victoria and Albert Museum
For developing a programme of accessible opportunities for children, adults and older people with sensory impairments at the V&A and the Museum of Childhood

Peggy Freeman Award for Exceptional Contribution to Sense

The CHARGE Family Support Group

This very special award this year honours the CFSG, a group who have made a positive and enduring impact on the lives of deafblind people and their families, particularly those with CHARGE Syndrome.

The CHARGE Family Support Group is made up of families, individuals, and professionals with the aim to create a positive supportive network; to share ideas, experiences and information. In the last few years they have run two conferences, persuading leading international leading speakers on CHARGE Syndrome to talk in kind. They have run a host of ever more popular family days, a weekend for young adults with CHARGE, and have contributed to the CHARGE Syndrome Information Pack – the first UK detailed guidance for professionals. They have affected hundreds of families over the years – given them friendship, knowledge, and hope.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the day so special – and congratulations to all our winners and shortlistees!

First published: Friday 12 June 2015
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015