Resources for journalists

The Sense PR and media team provides information, images, videos, interviews with spokespeople and deafblind people, and press releases that generate awareness and coverage around deafblindness, its challenges, and all surrounding issues.

A deafblind man and MP shake hands outside Houses of ParliamentWe also act as the media centre for Sense International (external website), and our PR and media team is closely involved with Sense members and deafblind issues across the UK.

Also for journalists, there are 50, 100 and 150-word summaries of deafblindness as well as full and accurate ready-to-go descriptions of Sense’s work. Please contact us if you need summaries.

Our Campaigns section is continually updated as it highlights our effective action in lobbying government decision makers on crucial issues such as welfare reform and what it means for deafblind adults, children, and services.

Our pages on causes and conditions around deafblindness and communicating with deafblind people have a wealth of information, as do our technology pages. Also check out our host of celebrities who support Sense’s work.

Press photos

Sense has an extensive library of images for media use.

As well as our range of images on Flickr, Sense’s own photo collection ranges from up-to-the-minute photographs of what’s happening today around deafblindness to those of more than 50 years ago. Our images are categorised and dated.

Please note that permission is needed if you would like to use any of our images. Similarly the Sense logos.

Do get in touch with our PR and media team if you need images that capture the lives of deafblind adults or children, or for illustrating news stories or features around deafblindness.

First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Thursday 30 July 2015