Research into deafblindness

Research can provide the insight and knowledge that enables individuals, organisations, service providers and authorities to make changes that lead to increased choice and opportunities for deafblind people.

Sense undertakes and supports pioneering work relevant to deafblind people, and keeps abreast of developments elsewhere so that we can be a point of contact for up-to-date, relevant research into the experiences of deafblind people, their families and carers.

Two pairs of hands signing

Through our creative approaches to practice, and experience in lifelong partnerships between deafblind people, their families and the professionals who support them, Sense has a wealth of knowledge and insight.

We have always – and will continue – to ensure this knowledge is used to empower individuals and create change where change is needed.

Sense research can be work we have commissioned, externally funded projects we are involved in, or may have developed or led on from our own practice.

How many deafblind people are there?

First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Wednesday 6 July 2016