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Does your child have sensory impairments?

A young boy wearing a hearing aid

Finding out that your child has sight and / or hearing impairments – and perhaps other disabilities - can be a stressful time, impacting the whole of your family.

Families often tell us that they felt out of their depth, being unsure what they could do to best support their child’s development and struggled to understand how their child may experience the world. 

You may find there are a number of professionals involved in your child’s life, across health, education and social care, which can be complicated to manage.  Families tell us that some professionals focus on the things your child may struggle to achieve, which has left them feeling more concerned about how to help their child live a fulfilling life.

At Sense we start by looking at what your child can do and help you to understand how to build on this.  Knowing that they can make a real difference to their child’s life is reassuring for the families we work with.  We often see families develop skills and confidence in ways they never thought possible.  

We can help

Sense has many years’ experience of working with children with multi-sensory impairments.

Our Children's Specialist Services team can advise you on a range of topics like how to communicate with your child and, how to encourage learning through play and how to plan for their move into adulthood. They can also help with issues involving education and offer advice on how to get the services your child needs. This support continues throughout the child’s life. This support continues throughout the child's life.

First published: Tuesday 4 November 2014
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015