Reaching Out

You are helping children who are deafblind to feel part of the world around them

We’re delighted to introduce four young Sense holidaymakers and celebrate the difference your support makes, in our latest edition of our quarterly newsletter, Reaching Out.

Thanks to your kind generosity, Sense are able to send children like Travis and Emma on a Sense Holiday that will help them to develop, grow and understand the world around them.

Young girl holding a 'seat reserved' sign on a train

Children with complex communication needs, including those who are deafblind, often face missing out on so many activities because they’re just not set up for their needs. That’s why having the opportunity of a Sense Holiday is so important.

On a Sense Holiday, everything is organised around the child – they’ll never be left on the sidelines, never be put in a situation where they’re unsafe, never have to feel ‘different’.

For many children, being away from their parents for the first time, perhaps on a sleepover, is an important step in becoming more independent. Children who are deafblind often need specialist care around the clock, so they miss out on such important milestones.

But with your help, they don’t have to.

Emma, who is severely sight-impaired and has hearing loss, had never been away from her parents before. With your help, she had that vital opportunity, and was able to make friends with other children just like her – an important part of every childhood. During her Sense Holiday to the Cotswolds, Emma was able to come out of her shell and make new friends with Mia and Sasha.

The peer-to-peer support that children receive on a Sense Holiday means they often make huge steps forward in their communication. That was the case with 12-year-old Kaitlyn, who is deafblind and has Down’s Syndrome. Since her holiday to Macaroni Wood, Kaitlyn’s signing confidence has come on leaps and bounds and she is continually developing her ability to communicate with friends and family.

Without your help, we simply couldn’t send children on a Sense holiday. On behalf of our young Sense holidaymakers - thank you!

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How you can help

£19 could give three holidaymakers like Emma, Kaitlyn and Travis the chance to go bowling like other children their age.

£40 could mean that a group of children can go to a pool, make a splash and learn through the sensory experience of swimming.

£128 could pay for a group of children who are deafblind to visit a nature park and make friends with lots of different animals.

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All gifts will go towards Sense’s vital work with children who have complex communication needs, including those who are deafblind, as well as the wider work of Sense. This is to help ensure that we can be there throughout the journey of a child’s life and could include our work with young people and adults.

First published: Thursday 19 May 2016
Updated: Friday 22 September 2017