Providing good customer service to people who are deafblind

It can be simple to make your service accessible to people with a hearing or sight impairment.

A deafblind man paying in a shopThese tips are not expensive or difficult. With a little patience and understanding you can hugely improve the experience of customers who use your business.

Take your time
Please be patient – communication may take longer

Be understood
Explain things clearly and at a pace the customer can follow. Check with them how to communicate, such as clear speech or writing notes in large print

Make your information accessible
A good transcription service can arrange for your written information to be available in large print, braille or on audio tape

Be heard
Ensure your counters have a fitted working loop system. These help deafblind hearing aid users to hear staff voices clearly

The pages in this section offer further specific service advice to ensure you are not in breach of the Equality Act.


First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Thursday 29 September 2016