Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble logoWe are delighted to be supported by a team at Procter & Gamble; the department specialise in creating fragrances and fragrance packaging.

The deafblind people we support rely heavily on their senses of smell, touch and feel to understand the world around them, as their sight and hearing are impaired. The synergy between Procter & Gamble’s work and our cause is a fantastic grounding for a successful partnership, and we look forward to a successful and exciting year.

Procter & Gamble are raising funds for a sensory garden in our new dedicated centre for deafblind children in North London, which will provide deafblind children with an exciting area to explore and enjoy.

For more information visit the Procter & Gamble website.

First published: Sunday 12 January 2014
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015