In Practice – a practical approach to developing tactile sign language skills (three-day course)

Who is it for?

  • Professionals who are working directly to support tactile sign language development
  • People who have an existing knowledge of sign language. Able to sign at a level required for the environment in which you work - signs will not be taught on the course.

What is tactile signing?

  • Tactile signing is a method used by people who cannot access sign language through the use of vision, or who would benefit from the use of additional tactual information
  • It can be the tactile adaptation of an existing sign language like British Sign Language (BSL) for example
  • It can also be used to communicate and interact with people who do not use a formal language, through touch, movement and idiosyncratic signs

Course aims

  • To equip participant’s with a foundation knowledge of language development, and their application in tactile signing
  • To identify and apply tactile strategies to tactile signing situations
  • To become a confident communication partner

Course content

  • How to foster early tactile communication development
  • How to adapt your communication to interact effectively with deafblind people
  • How to support children to develop from pre-linguistic to linguistic tactile communication
  • Practical considerations and different approaches

Course tutors

Steve Rose – Head of Children’s Specialist Services, Sense
Sophie Morsley – MSI Consultant Speech & Language Therapist, Sense
Graham Nolan – Senior Trainer/Practitioner, Sense

Course fees

Cost per delegate £350

Course time

10.00am - 4pm each day

Course dates and venues

Please check back for details of future courses.


First published: Friday 9 December 2016
Updated: Monday 13 March 2017